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Vandana Light Healing

Solar Plexus Chakra Empowerment Attunement - For Confidence, Empowerment & Letting Go Of Control

Solar Plexus Chakra Empowerment Attunement - For Confidence, Empowerment & Letting Go Of Control

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You're Invited To Unzip Your Body Armor, Calm Your Nervous System & Retrieve Your Wise Woman Medicine In Your City Of Jewels Center Of Solar Empowerment!

I'm excited to awaken, activate & turn on your golden yellow solar centers gem of power to help you emotionally process & digest lifelong worry, anxiety & symptoms of PTSD suppressed and stored in your belly.

If you've been feeling intensely burdened, triggered, tired & more over-reactive than usual, come play with me & the Solar Goddess Chakra Doctors to open, awaken & strengthen your solar plexus seat of power.

Come Play To Rediscover The Hidden Power In Your Manipura Fire Chakra Known As "The City Of Jewels" To Open & Awaken Your Center Of Power, Truth, Freedom & Authentic Identity.

Visit The Soul Spa Sauna Sanctuary To Melt & Visit The Infra-Red Reiki Soul Spa Sanctuary To Melt Shackles Of  Self-Imprisonment, Emotional Numbness To Help To Raise Your Self-Esteem & Fulfill Your Dreams!

In This 3 hour Feminine Frequency Flow Empowerment Session, you'll receive golden glimmering light therapy, infra red sauna treatments & deep red Reiki solar energy to strengthen your emotional resiliency, trust your gut & gently release disempowering energies you've suppressed that make you want to stuff & numb your feelings.

Take A Safe Sacred Journey Into Your Own Body Temples Inner Pharmacy & Be Introduced To The Solar Goddesses Amaterasu & The Solar High Priestess Isis To Melt Frozen Feelings, Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence & Begin To Love, Honor & Accept The Look & Feel Of Your Own Body.

Take back your power parts to be free of sticky imprints & corded attachments you can no longer stomach that are buried  in your tissues, muscles & digestive system, then please join me in the Soul Spa Sauna Infra Red Reiki Rejuvenation Center To Receive The Perfect Dose Of Vitamin D, Light Therapy & Divine Feminine Empowering Medicine To:

  • Feel Comfortable, Confident & Worthy Living In Your Own Physical & Emotional Body
  • Purify & Detoxify Feelings Of Suppressed Stress, Unworthiness & Disempowerment
  • Fire Your Inner Judge & Critic That Create Addictions To Dieting & Emotional Over-Eating
  • Take Back Your Power Parts To Help You Rest, Digest & Trust The Wisdom In Your Gut
  • Allow Your Second Brains Enteric Nervous System To Rest, Digest & Process Suppressed Stress
  • Clear Out Childhood Programming That Eat Away At You & Make You Feel Unacceptable
  • Flex Your Calming Muscles & Release Toxins In Your Spleen, Pancreas & Hormonal System
  • Forgive Your Child Body & Little Self For Giving Your Powers Away To A Higher Authority
  • Feel Safe, Strong & Supported In The Safety Net Of Radiant Red Reiki Grounding Energy
  • Let Go Of Resentment, Anger & Bitterness That Create Anxiety, Phobias, Paranoia & PTSD
  • Clear Core Fear Held In Your Muscle Memories To Strengthen Your Personal Boundaries  
  • Release The Burden Of Shame, Bitterness & Disappointment That Drain & Disempower You
  • Easily Embody Your Natural State Of Calmness, Self-Acceptance & Loving Kindness

Learn The Sacred Sanskrit Mantra, Mudra & Mandala To Instantly Connect With Your Personal Powers As Your Own Teacher, Shaman & Authority With Creativity, Flexibility & Divine Feminine Mastery!

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 178min + 13 Documents

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