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Vandana Light Healing

Sleep Intervention Star Medication - For Insomnia, Restlessness & Hyper-Vigilance

Sleep Intervention Star Medication - For Insomnia, Restlessness & Hyper-Vigilance

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Welcome To The Golden Healing Chambers Of Deep Rest, Rejuvenation & Ascension Regeneration!

Receive The Scrolls Of Wisdom & Knowledge From The Golden Book Of Melchizedek & Tablets Of Creation To Re-Write Your Divine Destiny Written In The Stars!

If You Have Nighttime Sleep Challenges & Can't Seem To Ground, Center & Settle Down, Please Join Me To Receive Soothing Seraphim Salve, Light Packets & Star Medicine To Help You Naturally Unwind & Calm Down To Help You Re-Charge, Re-Boot & Regulate Your Emotional Nervous Systems.

Receive A Melchizedek Synthesis Ray Attunement In The Golden Chambers Of The Melchizedek Ascension Seat To Divinely Align With The High Holy Frequencies Of Ascension Creation, New Earth Re-Birth & Your Eternal State Of Purity, Beauty, Goodness & Grace.

During This Spirit Surgery, You Will Experience The Full Anchoring Of Your Heart Chalice Circuitry, Crystal Clear Clarity & Your Ascension Robes Of New Earth Sovereign 5D Mastery.

In This Temple Of Rest, Respite & Recovery, You Will Have The Golden Opportunity To: 

  • Bathe, Swim & Soak In The Azozeo Frequencies Of Azeztulite Crystal Light Technologies
  • Receive Golden Healing Hands Of Light Penetration To Awaken & Activate Your Light Body
  • Experience Etheric Acupuncture Surgery To Unlock Stuck Blocks By Chakra Doctors
  • Be Attuned To Galactic Blessings & Light Infusions By Dr. Lorphan & Physicians Of Light
  • Absorb Vibrational Remedies, Infra-Red Therapies & Aromatherapies To Rejuvenate You
  • Be Swaddled, Held & Hugged In The World Womb Of Shechkina, Shakti & Mother Amma
  • Attune Your Energy To Elevate Your Light Body Frequency To Rest In Peace For All Eternity

To Help You To Rest, Restore & Re-Set Your New Human Bodies, You Will Be Blessed With Cosmic Seeds Of New Earth Creatrix Energy From The Govinda Galaxies & Enlightened Realities To Embody The Essence Of Sweet Sleep, Lucid Dreams & Ecstatic Euphoria!

As Your Own Inner Priest/Priestess, You Will Be Able To Clear Your Sleeping Space Of Unwanted Energies With A Nightly Insulation Protection Instruction Packet To Divinely Design Your Own Galactic Dream Catcher To Catch Your Bad Dreams, Fears & Worse Nightmares On Earth & In The Stars!


Class Replay - Video Mp4 and Audio Mp3 - 139 min

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