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Vandana Light Healing

Sirian Healing & Throat Chakra Clearing With Mighty Blue Eagle MP4

Sirian Healing & Throat Chakra Clearing With Mighty Blue Eagle MP4

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The Mighty Blue Eagle is a spiritual hierarchy made of blue-lightning angels who come from Sirius to assist Archangel Michael to over-see our solar system & over-light our 5D ascension process.

If You're Ready To Heal Your Voice, Then Come Play With Your Sirian Star Shamans, Doctors Of Divinity & The Band Of Mighty Blue Lightening Angels Who Have Heard Your Call & Want To Hear From You!

Get Clear On Why You're Here & Allow The Mighty Blue Eagles Wings To Enfold You, Empower You & Heal Your Throat Chakra With Liquid Light, Honey Nectar & Solar Radiance To Speak Clearly & Courageously As Your Birthright & Spiritual Inheritance.

Join This Sacred Ceremony & Fire Puja With The Blue Lightening Angels to help you unlock, clear & release:
  • Vocal Suppression
  • Verbal Congestion
  • Etheric Mucous
  • Buried Feelings
  • Swallowed Tears 
  • Vows of Silence 

You deserve to speak your truth, hear the truth & live your truth with ease & grace!!!!

The Mighty Blue Eagle & the Violet-Flame Angels are standing by waiting for your permission to say YES so they may infuse your chakras, cells & DNA with laser light & violet rays to safe on Gaia & supported by the company of heaven.

Meet Your Team Of Blue Solar Angels To Melt & Dissolve Timeline Trauma & Resistance In Being Fully Heard, Seen & Appreciated To Easily & Freely Speak For Yourself, Your Loved Ones & For Those Who Do Not Have A Voice & Cannot Speak For Themselves.

Take A Sacred Soul Journey With Mighty Blue Eagle & The Blue Flame Angels To Experience:
  • Vocal Clearings To Free Your Highest Voice
  • How It Feels & Sounds To Speak Your Truth
  • Soul Empowerment & Divine Inspiration
  • Accelerated Ease In Being Heard, Seen & Supported
  • Inner Expansion To Hear Your Own Inner Voice & Soul Song
  • What Your True Soul Voice Is Here To Say, Speak & Share
  • Relaxed Ease In Sharing Your Truth With Clarity, Courage & Confidence
  • How To Hear The Voices Of Your Angels, Guardians & Spirit Guides

Receive a personal message from your Blue Flame Lightening Angels To Melt 3D Armor & Embody Your 5D Spiritual Identity With Integrity & Authenticity!

This Is Your Divine Appointment To Celebrate Your Independence & Freedom OF Speech With Benevolent Blessings From The Blue Flame Lightning Angels!

Learn how you may call upon them to perform magic & miracles on your behalf & for the greatest good & highest outcome for your loved ones.

Awaken & Activate Your Powerful Voice, Sing Your Soul Song & Be Of Service!

91 minutes - MP4 Version
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