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Vandana Light Healing

Shambhala Temple Priestess Training Program BUNDLE

Shambhala Temple Priestess Training Program BUNDLE

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Greetings New Earth Activator, Awakener & Co-Creator,

I'm excited to invite you to join me for a brand new divinely inspired 5 Week Galactic Priestess Empowerment Program to prepare you to feel comfortable & confident as a crystal clear channel, New Earth Creatrix & Goddess Galactivator Awakener in this ever changing & evolving accelerated light timeline!

Your soul role (if you choose to accept it:) is to share your gifts, be of service, expand consciousness, raise the Gaiasphere vibration & restore your holy immortal Neshama Soul.

This course is divinely designed for those of you who are ready, willing & able to make a difference, create positive change & help relieve "old earth school" suffering, you have successfully completed your soul mission!

Learn how to safely soul travel without leaving your physical body to ascend as a whole, holy & complete galactic human light body.

Pop into your own hearts merkaba, womb stargate &  welcoming mothership to re-unite with your Leumerian Family Of Light so you can heal your original mother wound, incarnations of feminine dis-empowerment & past patriarchal injustice in the thrones, chambers & ascension seat of empowered self-expression & graceful communication.

This Priestess Training Program balances, harmonizes & empowers divine feminine wounds & sacred masculine disempowerment & be re-birthed & re-parented by your original soul family on earth, underground & from the stars!

Your 5D Guides, Teachers & Inter-Galactic Helping Spirits watch over, protect & over-light you with ancient ascension information, education & immediate intervention to walk in beauty, integrity & authenticity on a higher earth timeline where you get to be truly free & embody your true identity.

Your Temple Masters desire to attune & train you to a higher dimensional post-earth education graduation that includes a masters degree from advanced healing traditions in divine dimensions to co-exist peacefully & gracefully in all realities.

Allow me to magically escort you to Himalayan Ashrams, Mystical Mountains & Multi-Dimensional Mystery Schools To: 

  • Raise Your Earth Vibration Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
  • Instantly connect to your Neshama Soul through ancient & galactic codes of light
  • Meditate & Communicate with your ancestral temple workers, mentors & teachers
  • Recover faster with infra-red color therapy & ultra violet laser light technology
  • Shimmer, Shine & Strengthen your chakras, aura & electromagnetic field
  • Have instant access to the Telosian, Agarthan & Leumerian temple of ascension earth medicine
  • Open, read & review your soul records earth history & biography in your soul records library
  • Receive a brand new spirit helper & 5D deva to re-birth & re-parent your innocent inner child
  • Reclaim Your Alchemical Mastery, Goddess Frequency & Your Leumerian Priestess Potency 
  • Spend quality time in the Temples Of Illumination, Resurrection & Ascension Purification
  • Bathe in fountains of eternal youth, pure potential & crystal lakes of immortality
  • Galactivate your multi-dimensional divinely perfected 5D rainbow light body
  • Remember the magic you've forgotten in Lake Titicaca & The Inner Light City of Machu Picchu
  • Re-unite with your first nation’s ancestors, galactic Kachinas & Cosmic Curanderas Shamanistas

When Your Soul Says YES because you crave & desire to safely soul travel to your highest destiny, you will experience the magic, medicine & miracles from lifetimes in Mu, Atlantis, Egypt & Leumeria.

Come Play In The Center Of The Heart Of Leumeria, Mystical Mt. Meru & The Center Of The Earth To Retrieve: 

  • Your wish fulfilling gemstones from King Solomon, Akbar & Goddess Kisshoten
  • Your 3 Sacred Treasures Of Valor, Wisdom & Compassionate Benevolence
  • Your Sanskrit Mantra & Yantra Safeguarded In Agartha & Written In The Stars
  • Your Sword, Mirror & Mani Lotus Jewels For Inter-Dimensional Protection & Inner Reflection
  • Your original light language from your homes in star Sirius, Arcturus & Venus
  • Your galactic gifts of prophecy, telepathy & transmutational divine alchemy
  • Your hidden & long forgotten creativity, soul sovereignty & eternal mastery
  • Your soul scriptures, sutras & malas containing your soul spark & creatrix energy
  • Your advanced avatartic, buddhic & christed ability to transmute poison into medicine
  • Your 84, 00 rays of Joy to radiate, illuminate & alleviate all poverty, duality & suffering
  • Your soul elixir of enlightenment, eternity & alchemy to reclaim your royal might & majesty

Come take refuge in your Shambhala Soul Sanctuary where your Temple Master Trainers, Educators & Teachers Await You To Help You Re-Write, Co-Create & Illustrate A New Book Of Life!

The remedies, recipes & anti-bodies are found in the heart of Leumeria, Agartha & Shambhala!

In This 5 Week Galactivation Awakening, Divine Visitation & Ascension Intervention, You Will Be Divinely Escorted To The Inner Realms, Healing Chambers & Temples The Atomic Accelerated Ascension Chair To Be Seated In Your Throne Of Glory To Embody The State Of Divine Ecstasy You Experienced So Many Moons Ago!

As a special bonus, you will also experience the lost energy medicine from inner cities & lost civilizations from your indigenous light family with God & Goddess Meru from Machu Picchu!

Experience devotional rituals, spiritual practices & inter-galactic energy processes to reclaim your: 

  • Priestess Potency
  • Manifestation Mastery
  • Strength, Endurance & Resiliency
  • Life Force Energy & Vibrant Vitality
  • Courage, Confidence & Clarity
  • Creativity, Tenacity & Positivity

Come Play On Holy Ground, Fertile Soil & Sacred Soul Sanctuaries To Return Home & Feel Safe, Comfortable & Beautiful Worshiping Your Own Beloved & Blessed Body Temple! 

This package includes:

  • Five 2 Hour Shambhala Temple Priestess Sessions as MP4 and MP3
  • 48 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
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