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Vandana Light Healing

Shambhala Earth Star Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval - For New Earth Energy, 5D Telepathy & Accelerated Soul Recovery

Shambhala Earth Star Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval - For New Earth Energy, 5D Telepathy & Accelerated Soul Recovery

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In This Brand New Shambhala Earth Star Chakra Galactivation Trance-Mission, You Will Have The Opportunity To Receive New Earth Empowering Agarthan, Telosian & Leumerian Healing From The Ancient Inner Earth Library.

Join Me On This Inner Journey To Purify Your Mind, Beautify Your Heart & Trust Your Gut That Your 5D Guardians Are REAL & TRUE & Waiting For You To Say YES To Retrieve Your Leumerian Light That Belongs To You!

Call Back Your Own Energy, Become A Light Emitter, Receiver & Transmitter & Recover Your Precious Soul To Shapeshift This Earth Reality Back Into A Pure Land & Garden Of Eden!

Your Soul Records Are Not Only Stored In The Akashic Realms But Also Are Guarded & Protected Deep Within The Hollow Earth In A Pure & Pristine Underground City Called Shambhala.

I'm Happy To Be Your Magical Tour Guide To Help You FEEL Grounded, Connected & Expanded & Become A Crystal Clear Channel & Remember Why You’re Here From Your Own Books Of Lives Containing The Lost Knowledge, Light Language & Star Codes From Trillions Of Lives Ago.

Meet Mikos, Your Inner Earth Librarian From Pathalogos, To Help You Locate Your Ancient Earth Records & Heal Difficult Earth Memories & Dense Frequencies So You Can Finally Be Free Of Old Earth Duality!

When You Visit Your Own Soul Library, You Will Be Able To:

  • Clear Old Earth Density, Debris & Disempowerment Energy
  • Free Yourself From False Identities That Are No Longer True About You
  • Remove Energetic Shackles Of Enslavement & Vows Of Earth Victimhood
  • Make Peace With Earth Timelines When You Lived In Atlantis, Leumeria & Mu
  • Attune To The Terahertz Deep Red Chi Frequency To Revitalize, Energize & Ground You
  • Connect With Your Nature Spirit Family, Divine Devas & Elemental Power Protectors
  • Re-Write Ancient Earth Tablets, Sigils, Symbols & Spells Imprinted In Your Soul Records
  • Retrieve Your Inter-Galactic Gifts From The Inner Earth Celestial Herbal Pharmacy 
  • Rest, Digest & Recover From Lifetime After Lifetime Of Earth Lack, Loss & Limitation

During This Agarthan Healing Trance-Mission, You Will Receive The Most Appropriate Vibrational Remedies, Prescriptions & Medicines From The Ancient & Immortal High Priests, Kachinas & Shambhala Chakra Doctors Who Are Available 24/7 To:

  • Restore Your Lost & Missing Soul Energy
  • Retrieve Your Souls Wisdom & Diamond Light Frequency
  • Reclaim Your Potency, Powers & Eternal Soul Energy
  • Recover From Ancestral Earth Fear, Lack & Soul Fracturing

Learn How To Enter & Exit The Agarthan North & South Pole To Explore Ancient Ashrams, Pyramids & Multi-Dimensional Monasteries So You Can Receive Miraculous Healing From:

  • Your Soul Assigned Inner Earth Medical Team
  • Your Totem Animal Medicine Helpers, Teachers & Earth Companions
  • Life Saving Vibrational Plant Remedies, Flora & Fauna
  • Grounding Galactic Soil From Dr. Lorphan & The Arcturians
  • Infra-Red Light Therapies From The Heart Of Helios In The Central Sun
  • Tree People, Cloud People, Rock People & Invisible Earth Helpers
  • Healthy, Whole & Holy Ancestors Who Carry Your Family Medicine

You Deserve To Clear Ancient Earth Crisis, Cataclysms & Chaos From Your Cells, Heart, Gut & Emotional Nervous System NOW!

Class Replay - Video Mp4 and Audio Mp3 - 154 min
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