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Vandana Light Healing

Sexual Soul Retrieval MP3

Sexual Soul Retrieval MP3

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Do you feel you lost or gave away any parts, pieces and fragments of your soul when you experienced sexual trauma or the pain or loss of a lover in the past?

Are you done with all the guilt, blame, and shame programs that have affected and controlled you for far too long?
Would you like to let go all that heaviness and density in your system and stop blaming yourself or past lovers or partners from the past so you can set yourself free?
An easy way to heal and transmute pain is by practicing the tools of forgiveness and gratitude for everyone and everything you’ve ever experienced no matter what happened. These practices can release all the stress that’s still locked up in your body so you can feel light, joyful, playful, and comfortable in your own body again. Feelings of anger, resentment, and hostility will only reinforce the trauma and won’t allow us to stay connected with infinite consciousness.
The good news is that you can reclaim your sexual potency which is your creative life force energy that allows you to manifest money, loving relationships, amazing lovers, and synchronistic events with total ease..People who suffer soul loss may feel like there is something missing in their lives, like a hollow emptiness in the center of their being. They often suffer depression, addiction, and other physical symptoms of dis-ease and dis-harmony. If you are tired of feeling like there’s something missing, wrong, broken, damaged, or defective about you and your sweet body which is a total lie, then let’s explore what else is possible for you!

Soul recovery is a universal shamanic healing tradition. Our soul essence is our divine nature. The Soul is considered our true essence, our life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive. In Shamanic healing, whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma, a part of our soul departs the physical body as a way to survive. This soul part usually do not come back on it’s own and after the retrieval process, we experience an integration period to readjust and re-calibrate our entire being, body, system, and vibrational field to return to its original state of joy and oneness.

You will feel a sense of deep peace and serenity as we track, recover, and mend your present and future realities that you get to design and create as an infinite being and divine creator.

Class recording - MP3 - 95 min

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