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Vandana Light Healing

Serpent Medicine Root Chakra Cleanse

Serpent Medicine Root Chakra Cleanse

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This Course Is Perfect For You If You Experience:

  • Daily Stress, Worry, Or A Lifelong Pattern Of Attracting & Manifesting Abundance
  • Feel Ungrounded, Unsafe, Unsupported, Or Cut Off From Receiving Earths Bountiful  Blessings
  • Difficulty Letting Go Of Old Stories Of Lack, Scarcity & Poverty Consciousness From Your Family
  • Feeling Frozen, Numb, Checked Out, Or Disassociating From Your Own Physical Body
  • Experience Pain, Tension & Arthritic Conditions In Your Lower Back, Tailbone, Knees & Feet
  • Lack Of Energy, Clarity, Vitality & Lethargy That Make You Feel Disembodied


On This 2 Hour Serpent Medicine Root Chakra Cleanse, You Will Also Experience:

  • A Fire Purification Ritual To Burn Away Fear & Negativity You Still Carry In Your Root Chakra
  • Candle Eye Gazing To Rest, Digest & Experience The Peace & Presence Of Mindfulness
  • A Munay-Ki Prayer To Open, Create & Close Your Sacred Medicine Space
  • A Gratitude Ceremony To Honor Your Journey, Gifts & Trust Your Bodies Natural Instincts
  • A "Pampamesayok" Attunement To Embody Abundance & Become An Earthkeeper
  • Divine Feminine Blessings From The Munay-Ki Daykeepers, Herbalists, Midwives & Curanderas
  • Grounding Meditation To Step Beyond Fear, Breathe With Gaia & Re-Birth The Divine Feminine

Cleanse, Clear & Release Fear In Your Root Chakra With Your Chakra Medicine Serpent Guardian Here On A Root Chakra Power Medicine Cleanse.

Class replay time: 130 min

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