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Vandana Light Healing

Self-Love Healing Activation & Divine Light Transmission MP3

Self-Love Healing Activation & Divine Light Transmission MP3

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Do you get easily triggered by what other people say, do or broadcast on social media, the news or in community gatherings that you strongly disagree, resist, refuse or hide from that you simply cannot accept & allow?

What if you didn't have to agree or disagree but can function from the state of being, receiving & perceiving so you can flow from the energies of non-judgment & neutrality?

It's OK...It's Not Your Fault:)

I've been aware that as we've stepped into the first wave of ascension that the old paradigm of thinking & doing is making itself known even more intensely than ever before.

What if the new earth we've all been anticipating living in can welcome & usher in all forms of perceiving reality without the need to force one way of being for all beings?

This is simply an invitation to reconnect with pure source, higher expanded consciousness & infinite possibilities that exist in all timelines, realms & realities.

When you align with your higher self, guides, guardians, angels, archangels, the elohim & your entire heavenly healing team, you can live & rest in peace in your beautiful body vessel & reset your entire reality.

The R.I.C.H. & R.A.C.E. Energies were downloaded from the higher dimensional ascended beings in 2012 & can help you ascend with more ease, space, grace & peace in this golden era of the age of Aquarius.

Learn how to use these multidimensional tools, processes, & techniques to shift, unlock & transmute stress, trauma & struggle patterns & programs from the past in the blink of an eye.

You are a sovereign being of light here to shine your light & inspire others to share their gifts & walk in beauty on this beautiful blue planet of wonder, mystery & magic!

I was told by my guides to 'Be Prepared' so are you prepared to let go, unravel, drop false masks & unzip armor so you can finally be a greater contribution on our loving planet.

Come play in the Quantum Field & Reunite with your invisible helpers, healers, & holy guides who see you through the loving eyes of kindness, compassion & oneness. :)

Experience a SELF-LOVE healing activation & divine light transmission from the 7th dimension to create new beginnings & empower your dreams, visions & desires to ride the waves of ascension together.

65 minutes
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