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Vandana Light Healing

Sacred Healing Water Divine Activation MP3

Sacred Healing Water Divine Activation MP3

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Would you like to show gratitude & appreciate for the gift of water in your life?

Have you always wished you can make holy water to bless all beings?

The good news is as long as your heart is open, pure & aligned with the divine, you can!!!

We all need water, are made of water & should have infinite access to clean & pristine water to cleanse, hydrate & purify our thoughts, emotions & body systems and not everyone in the world does.

To transmute polluted waters into clean & sustainable drinking water, all you have to do is hold a strong desire & powerful intention to heal it, remove pollutants & bless it with your light from the rivers of love flowing from your open heart!

As we shift into 5D oneness & accelerated unity consciousness, the beings of light & the divine healing intervention team wish to teach you how to:
  • Create sacred healing water for you & your loved ones
  • Bless your water with positive energy & sacred healing 
  • Cleanse & Charge your water with crystalline light & divine healing
  • Express Gratitude & Appreciation for the gift of water
  • Perform water magic ceremonies for you & your loved ones
  • Program your water with sacred & loving intentions for your highest good
  • Send distant global healing to clean polluted rivers, oceans & bodies of water
  • Envision All Forms Of Sea Life, Sea Turtles, Mammals, Ecosystems, Coral Reefs, Dolphins, & Whales Healthy & Free Of Toxic Chemicals or Man Made Interference
Vandana will connect you with the sources of sacred healing waters from all over the planet to heal all of humanity especially those without it or who do not have easy access to clean, pure drinking water in their home or on their land.

You will be divinely downloaded with the sacred spirit & crystal clean & pristine sacred waterfalls, geomagnetic thermal mineral springs & oceanic waves of bliss from the Water Faerys, Sprites, Mermaids, Mermen, River Deities & the Spirit Of Yemayah our Mother Goddess Of The Oceans.

Together as a powerful group energy, we will set the intention to restructure & heal water molecules & receive messages from water to shift & elevate their fields, frequency & consciousness back to its original vibrational resonance & blueprint.

You will learn how to create sacred water to use for blessing yourself, your home, your business, your family, your property, your pets, your plants & all sacred lands we walk upon on Terra Nova (The New Earth) Gaiasphere.

Experience a Pyramid Of Light Activation to raise your vibration to send LIGHT through your heart, head & hands into the depths of the sea & bottom of the oceans to heal our planet & each other.

As a conscious being made of water, your birthright is to protect our waters & project your divine intentions to program the intelligence of water with healing solutions for the highest good & well-being for us all.

Each & every time you send healing energy to the waters we swim in, drink & bathe in, the healing properties of every body of water are amplified & intensified everywhere bodies of water exist in all worlds, galaxies & realities.

Please join our sacred waters activation to sustain our earth & extend the quality of our lives so all sentient beings can consume clean, fresh & pure water as our divine birthright to live long, prosperous & healthy lives on our beloved blue earth.

90 minutes
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