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Vandana Light Healing

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

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I was inspired to create this Sacral chakra detox program to help you identify, open & unlock creative blocks that won’t allow you to practice healthy boundaries and enjoy safe & loving relationships.

Enjoy a relaxing & hypnotic inner body journey to rest, digest & process your feelings each time you watch & listen to the video or audio at home or on the go.

You’ll also receive divine light healing attunements to help you process difficult feelings and heal your relationship with your inner child so you can trust your natural instincts, sacred sensuality & uncoil your powerful divine feminine kundalini to treat your body more kindly & give birth to your true self and inner Goddess.

Take this juicy journey with me to burn & banish old stories, lies, vows & contracts passed onto you so you can unleash and ignite your wildest passion, imagination & creatrix visions.

Listen in small sections before bedtime in a noise-free & distraction-free space. You may play this living light recording on a loop to cleanse & clear toxic cellular imprints & stressful energy to balance your chakras, feel safe in your body and raise your vibration.

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