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Vandana Light Healing

Kundalini Sacral Chakra Sensual Embodiment Attunement

Kundalini Sacral Chakra Sensual Embodiment Attunement

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I'm excited to ignite your fiery potency & juicy creativity in the sacred geometry of orange colored navel chakra seat of power.

Your Svhadistana Chakra contains your Goddess Powers, Passion, Pleasure & Shakti Potent Life Force Energy!

In This 2 hour Feminine Flow Frequency Attunement, you'll receive etheric acupuncture spirit surgery to arouse your Kundalini Energy to align with the orange ray of creation, liberation & 5D manifestation.

Join Me To Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Sacral Chakras Emotional Center To: 

  • Enhance your energy flows in your belly, hips, pelvis & lower bodies
  • Purify & Detoxify cellular memories of shame, shock & unworthiness
  • Release Empathically Absorbed Imprinted Energy You've Stored In Your Belly
  • Identify, Own & Name Your Feelings To Safely Release Old Sexual Trauma Energy
  • Experience A Sacral Chakra Cleanse With Goddess Auset & Mary Magdalene
  • Open Your Joy, Pleasure Centers & Empowered Shakti Life Force Energy
  • Flex your calming muscles by releasing toxins between the cells of your body
  • Harmonize & balance your mind, heart & belly & electro-magnetic field around you
  • Reclaim your youthful vitality with Reiki Rejuvenate Ruby Red Energy
  • Strengthen your boundaries by trusting your bodies wisdom & emotional intelligence 
  • Learn A Sacral Chakra Breathing Ritual To Connect With & Honor Your Deepest Feelings

Visit your inner womb cave to bathe in crystals, be anointed with sacral chakra essential oils & receive & emotional wound color therapy to heal sexual trauma for you & your ancestors.

This Session with chakra doctoring, havening & dantian breathing accelerated light intelligent energy to unlock your seat of power, move stuck energy & enjoy healthy intimate close relationships!

As a special bonus, you will also experience Shakti Goddess Chakra Showers, Liquid Light Solar Baths & Infra-Red Wound Recovery Therapy to align with the Shumann Resonance & vibrate with the heartbeat in the home of Mother Gaia.

Experience what it feels like to take back your juicy creativity, arouse your kundalini to embody the energy of safe sensuality & practice emotional discernment to trust your feelings, own your powers & heal your most intimate significant relationships.

When you say YES, you will be able to: 

  • Learn the Svhadistana Sacred Mantra, Mudra & Mandala To Center, Ground & Protect You
  • Re-Parent your inner child to trust your feelings & feel safe in your own body
  • Open your abdominal receiving channels to experience peace, pleasure & romance
  • Release the fear of your own Shakti Intuitive Femininity, Creativity & Potency
  • Feel more present, alive & energized as a new earth channel in your strong inner sacral core
  • Release old shame, body blame & unfinished business for emotional closure
  • Become more kinder, open & friendlier to yourself, your partners & old lovers
  • Feel safer, stronger & more secure in your soul’s sexual true identity
  • Retrieve your divine feminine Shakti Potency to heal your enteric digestive nervous system
  • Forest Bathe with shinrin-yoku & mother nature to release suppressed body belly stress

Receive Grounding Protection, Create Healthy Connections & Embody Emotional Resiliency With Deep Red Reiki Accelerated Light Energy!!!

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 150min

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