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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Manipura Power Chakra Attunement MP3

Manipura Power Chakra Attunement MP3

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Explore the 2nd Chakra...the center of emotions, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and creativity. This Chakra guides our body awareness and aids us in our sense of strength and grounding into the physical body. The Sacral Chakra works on an instinctive level – it activates our sexual desire, warns us of danger (along with the other two "lower" Chakras – the 1st and 3rd) and gives us access to our emotional intuition.The psychic ability of Clairsentience can be developed by working with the 2nd Chakra. This enables us to sense the feelings, motivations and attachments of others, and also helps us to put ourselves in somebody else’s "emotional shoes".

The 2nd Chakra is where we store all our memories of relationships (including sexual encounters) and lessons learned through our relationships. The information pertains to all our relationships, particularly with our family of origin, because ultimately the relationship we had with our first family informs our experience of all our other relationships.

Those with balanced 2nd Chakras find it easy to give and receive love, can access and share their creativity, and are able to have healthy relationships (including emotional and sexual intimacy), are able to trust their instincts about other people and maintain appropriate boundaries. They feel confident in their body image and are able to access the healing power of a strong and regenerative physical body.

And of course those whose sacral center is blocked, weakened, under or overactive can experience challenges with relating deeply with others, maintaining healthy boundaries, sexual blocks, and trouble trusting their own instincts.

With the assistance of our loving RICH Healing Master Being Guides, Vandana holds a safe and sacred space for you to open your field, system, and energy centers to heal whatever issues you are ready to let go of. Remember, whatever is stored or held in this chakra is not yours to carry. You can release all the old stuff keeping you stuck, sad, and unfulfilled with the tools and processes of RICH Healing.

This 97 minute healing experience is facilitated by Vandana.

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