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Vandana Light Healing

Root Chakra Cord Cleanse Program

Root Chakra Cord Cleanse Program

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Greetings Root Chakra Goddess,

Join me on a 2 hour Root Chakra Empowerment Journey to connect to your True Self, Healing Gifts & Ancient Earth Resilient Roots!

If this topsy turvy timeline makes you feel unsafe, unsettled and ungroundedinside your own body temple, watch & listen to this Root Chakra Cleanse Replay to gently let go of pain, stuckness & toxic heaviness you carry from lifetimes of earth trauma for you & your ancestors.

This Root Chakra Attunement Helps You Feel Safe, Find Your New EarthTribe & Trust You Belong Here So Take A Relaxing & Stress ReducingJourney With Me To The Heart Of Gaia So You Can:

  • ReleaseFear, Anxiety & Lower Body Stuck Energy
  • ReconnectTo Your Earth Tribe, Higher Power & Inner Healer
  • ReuniteWith Nature Spirits, Totem Allies & Your Earth Records Library

Receive A Sacred Blessing Ceremonial Ritual With The Spirit Of The Andean Nusta Goddess Mama Occlo from Lake Titicaca To Return Your Feminine Shakti Power!

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