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Vandana Light Healing

Releasing Vows Of Self Sacrifice & Disempowerment (Solar Plexus) MP3

Releasing Vows Of Self Sacrifice & Disempowerment (Solar Plexus) MP3

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Does it feel like you might have taken vows of self-sacrifice that make you feel powerless, drained & depleted in this lifetime?

Do you give your time, energy & gifts to others more than you allow yourself to ever receive?

How’s that working for ya? Probably not so much right?

Is now the time to experience a new way of being in the world as the master, guru & authority of your own life?

When you tune into the wisdom of your body & your power/will/identity center, does this feel light & expansive or tight & constricted? The infinite intelligence of your body will never lie, so what feels true for you?

If this information resonates with you, you might have agreed or aligned with people, groups, or institutions in this or past lives where you gave away your magical powers & chose to be unconscious & unaware to perpetuate these vows in all timelines, realms, & realities.

Well, is now the time to cancel, clear, & revoke the contracts, vows, oaths, & agreements so you can reclaim and own all of your amazing talents, gifts, skills & value again starting right here and right now!

The focus of this class is to awaken your solar plexus chakra... the center of personal power, self-worth & self-mastery. If blocked or in a weakened state, we might fall under the spell & illusion that we live in a no choice universe instead of a free choice universe so we may hold back our desires, prolong our dreams & create an imbalance giving far more than we allow ourselves to receive.

After this energetic upgrade is performed, you will feel lighter, energized & infinitely aware of your true path and highest soul purpose so you can manifest your divine birthright of abundance, prosperity and support as a sovereign being.

Clear Your Vows Of Self Sacrifice & Disempowerment!!!

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