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Vandana Light Healing

Releasing Vows Of Silence, Suppression & Separation

Releasing Vows Of Silence, Suppression & Separation

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Does it feel like you might have taken vows of chastity in other lives that might be still be operating in this lifetime?

When you tune into the wisdom of your body, does this feel true for you?

Past life vows of chastity manifest in your life in many ways. One of the fastest ways we grow in love and awareness is through intimate relationships. For we need to really learn to love one before we can learn to love all.  

These ancient vows may be responsible for patterns of self-sabotage & "not enough" programs that won't allow us to receive the blessings, gifts, & magical synchronicities that we deserve as divine creators and infinite beings.

Since all time is now, the good news is that you can unload the baggage, drop the masks, and unzip the armor you've been carrying from past life vows you no longer need to carry. If your Higher Self has led you here, it means that you have fully experienced the outcomes of your action in taking the vows and you are ready to let them go.

In this class, Vandana will transmit the accelerated light healing frequencies to dissolve all imprints & implants of guilt, blame, & shame or sexual trauma you’ve experienced in this lifetime or past lives so you can embody your true nature as a sexual being.

The RICH Clearings & RACE Creations will allow you to safely break free of old vows you have taken in the past so you can manifest & design a new reality that can be a contribution to the expansion of your life now and in the future.

The focus of this class is to awaken your sacral chakra... the center of sexuality, creativity, vitality, & fertility. It provides us access to our sexual identity and creative potential. If blocked or in a weakened state, it can deprive us of enjoying our bodies and embodying our natural birthright of pleasure, sensuality, & bliss.

Vandana will transmit the ascension light codes to  quickly & easily release you from any contracts, oaths, promises, agreements, or commitments you've aligned with so you can create & manifest infinite ease, joy, bliss, space, and grace now and in the future.

This sacred letting go process includes clearing out toxins and debris from your emotional energy centers, your cells, molecules, and DNA strands that have been vibrating from lack, scarcity, and limitation.

The emotional clearings will align, empower & strengthen your chakras so you can create and manifest abundance expressing your multidimensional gifts & radiating your light to all you meet on your path.

You'll experience an energetic tune up and realignment of the following energy centers:

*The Burden Centers

*The Self-Expression Centers

*The Grief & Sorrow Center

*The Fear Center

*The Old Stuff Center

*The Survival Center

*The Guilt, Shame, & Unworthiness Center

*The Anger, Betrayal, & Rejection Center

After this energetic upgrade is performed, you will feel lighter, energized, & infinitely aware of your true path and highest soul purpose so you can manifest your divine birthright of abundance, prosperity, and support as a sovereign being.

Clear Your Releasing Vows Of Chastity, & Celibacy!!!

Class Recording MP3 - 75 minutes

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