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Vandana Light Healing

Releasing Past Vows Of Denying, Repressing & Hiding Your Psychic Gifts (3rd Eye Chakra) MP3

Releasing Past Vows Of Denying, Repressing & Hiding Your Psychic Gifts (3rd Eye Chakra) MP3

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Would You Like To Break Free Of Ancient Vows, Covenants and Promises That No Longer Serve You & Limit You From BEING All You Truly Are?

Does it feel like you’re still hiding your psychic gifts from the world because you’ve made promises, taken vows, & have taken on karmic ancestral agreements that are still playing out in the eternal now?

Does it feel overwhelmingly frightening to share your visions, spirit visitations & prophetic dreams with your loved ones, friends & the world because it doesn’t feel safe so it’s easier to hide, fit in & deny your telepathic gifts & super human abilities?

Do you fear being called a fraud, a freak, or a witch in this lifetime because of past life trauma?

What if there was nothing to fear anymore?

As we evolve & ascend with the empowering tools of accelerated light healing, we can access the intelligence of our cells & DNA so we no longer need to vibrate from past trauma, pain, suppression, & fear & feel safe again to be ourselves & honor our special soul gifts!

In this class, we’ll be exploring those ancient lifetimes & parallel realities where you’ve taken vows of secrecy or swore you wouldn't reveal sacred knowledge to the masses that were revealed to you.

This is your opportunity to come out of the spiritual closet…you can run but you can’t hide!

The time has come to ask for your needs to be met & to feel safe in this world again!

Listen & Hear This… It’s Not Your Fault!!!

This Class Will RICH Away all remnants of self blame, shame, & guilt so you can RACE Ahead & replace these lower vibrational frequencies with self-love, acceptance, & guilt - free pleasure!

Yes YOU CAN be an even Greater Contribution on this planet by sharing your soul gifts & higher awareness as a Mega Manifestor & sovereign being starting right here and right now.

It is possible to take yourself “off the hook”, cut the cords that bind, untwist the karmic knots and set your soul free simply by practicing conscious tools & energetic processes that can liberate you from those past promises, oaths & commitments that you unconsciously agreed to willingly or unwillingly in the past.

This Healing Activation & Accelerated Light Experience will introduce you to empowering emotional RICH Clearings & RACE Creations to shift your present reality & vibration to a higher octave so you can align with universal love, flow, peace, and joy… which is always a choice and your divine birthright.

On this MP3 Digital Download Recording, You’ll experience what its like to step through a 5th element portal to the higher dimensional Realms where you can access the your Akashic records – if it is right for you to do so and it is with the highest intent.

On this sacred journey of empowerment you can access past life events that left a negative imprint or wound which may still be perpetuating in the eternal now. When you spend time in the quantum, you can clear, release, & transform the past to heal your entire being as a blank slate and clear & perfect channel of divine light and love.

When you join this class, you can unload emotional baggage, drop false masks, and unzip dense armor you've been carrying for trillions of years from past life vows you no longer need to carry forward into the future.

When you sign up & join us, you’ll receive golden white liquid light healing infusions to open, awaken, & activate your light bodies & your crystal merkaba light ascension vehicle to access your multidimensional mastery!

This infinite intelligent holy light will cleanse & purify your entire being & system so you can feel confident, competent loving & accepting yourself and others from a higher perspective.

The RICH Clearings & RACE Creations will allow you to safely break free of old vows you have taken in the past so you can manifest & design a new reality that can be a contribution to the expansion of your life now and in the future.

These conscious healing processes will align, empower & strengthen your sacred heart chamber so you can create and radiate your loving heart in all relationships and with everyone you meet!!!

This sacred letting go process includes clearing out toxins and debris from your emotional energy centers, your cells, molecules and DNA strands that have been vibrating from fear, attachment to approval & validation from others & self-judgments when we compare ourselves to others.

On every sacred healing gathering you’ll experience an energetic tune up to realign your chakras & embody infinite space and flow in your physical & emotional bodies including:
  • The Burden Centers
  • The Self-Expression Centers
  • The Grief & Sorrow Center
  • The Fear Center
  • The Old Stuff Center
  • The Survival Center
  • The Support Center
  • The Guilt, Shame, & Unworthiness Center
  • The Anger, Betrayal, & Rejection Center

Come out and play, sing, dance, & move freely about in the field of infinite love, peace, joy, bliss & oneness to experience deeper & more loving intimate connections with others!!!

Clear Your Vows Of Seeing Beyond The Veil & Trusting Your Intuition!!!

75 minutes
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