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Vandana Light Healing

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child Bundle

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child Bundle

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As an eternal soul, you can choose to be re-born in each & every moment & yet sometimes we forget just how powerful & magical we are!

If you weren't born into a healthy, safe or supportive earth family, your galactic godparents & ancestral guardians are always available to vibrationally shift, uplift & support you & your child selves that were emotionally or psychologically hurt, wounded or injured by narcissistic, neglectful or self-absorbed adult role models.

Although our parents or those that raised us probably were unconscious or wounded themselves, it is up to us to learn easy & effective tools & energetic processes that can empower, enlighten & inspire us to reach our highest potential & live a well deserved meaningful & fulfilling life.

If you haven't fulfilled your soul role, you're not alone!

In this 3 week child empowerment soul journey, you will be able to feed, nurture & mentor your child self with healthy adult attention, protection & soulful supervision.

It's not your fault if you weren't born into the kind of family you deserve because your family of light is waiting to back, bless & over-light you in the stars!

You will receive galactic guidance, advanced healing processes & divine doctoring by Dr Lorphan, Your AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants) & Divine Doulas Who Can Re-Birth, Re-Parent & Re-Set You To Help You & Your Inner Child Feel Safe, Sovereign & Free In A Higher Vibrational Reality!

When You Teleport With Me To The Hidden Realms Of Invisible Helpers, Angelic Avatars & Advanced Arcturian Healing, Your Child & Adult Self Can Meet, Merge & Integrate As A Happy, Whole & Holy Being In The Sacred Space Of Holy Grace.

All It Takes Is The Willingness & Readiness To Give Your Inner Child The Gift Of Holy Healing!

MODULE #1: Soul Scanning & Divine Diagnostics For Pre-Verbal & Pre-Cognitive Fear, Fight & Flight Womb Imprinting

In  module # 1, your inner child can unpack stored & absorbed womb wounding, birth trauma  & family trauma from your original & primordial first 8 cells  of creation. Meet Your Divine Doulas, Cosmic Pediatricians & Spirit School Teachers from Star Sirius & Planet Arcturus so you can rest & digest lifetimes of suppressed stress, early loss & 3D trauma  held in your cells, muscle memory & emotional burden centers.

MODULE #2: Clearing Your Infant, Toddler & Growing Child Body Of 3D Parental Authority, Density & Anxiety In The Developmental Years

In  module # 2, Experience Etheric Acupuncture & Laser Light Surgery In The Golden Synthesis Chamber With Your Arcturian Over-Lighting Acupuncturists to extract birth fear, mother wounds & parental shame learned, witnessed or inherited genetically, gestationally or inter-generationally from the very first family you ever had. Strengthen your boundaries in your own private womb pod from to heal & seal tender tears, rips or holes in your auric field. Be bathed, baptized, blessed & re-born in the higher vibrations & sensations from cosmic care specialists in pediatric hospitals & day care centers in the stars.

MODULE #3: Galactic Soul Retrieval To Recapture Your Lost Innocence, Child Like Playfulness & Youthful Joyfulness

In module # 3,You will meet your star shamans, galactic elders & galactic godparents to welcome home your magical multi-dimensional child's sovereignty, strengths & sensitivity as your highest selves adult identity. Your brain, heart & nervous system will be purified & detoxified of toxic shame, growing pains & unworthiness vows you've adopted, absorbed & stored from your first original 8 cells of creation in all of your childhood timelines.

Be the first in your new earth bloodline & galactic timeline to be:

  • Untouched By Inter-Generational Pain, Family Fear & Shadow Shame
  • Unburdened From Old Earth Heaviness, Density & Disempowerment
  • Empowered & Inspired To Help, Heal & Improve Your Health & Well-Being
  • Happy, Holy & Healthy As The Bright Star You Inherently Are
  • Free Of Toxic Energy, False Identities & Inherited Insecurities
  • Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide, Guardian & Caretaker

Meet Dr Lorphan & The Cosmic Care Collective To Retrieve Your Healed, Healthy, Holy & Happy Christed Child's:

  • Cosmic Creativity, Artistry & Sovereignty
  • Special Gifts & Magical Abilities
  • Strengths, Courage & Resiliency
  • New Earth Survival Skill Set
  • Lost Energy, Vitality &  Ascension Mastery
  • Advanced Abilities, Super Powers & 5D Telepathy 

Your  Divine Doulas & Galactic Re-Birthers Invite You To Teleport To Your Arcturian Mothership To Be Cosmically Re-Birthed, Resurrected & Re-Born In The Home Of Your Sri Yantra & Mother Chakra.

Receive Advanced Healing, Karmic Clearing & Divine Intervention To:

  • Detach From Frozen Fear, Stress & Toxic Shame From Your Cells, Bones & Muscle Memories
  • Re-Mother & Re-Father Your Inner Child With Divine Guidance, Attention & Protection
  • Advocate & Empower Your Inner Child's Empathy, Sensitivity & Super Human Abilities
  • Forgive, Release & Make Peace With The Family That Birthed & Raised You
  • Re-establish Safe & Healthy Boundaries At Work, At Home & In Your Community
  • De-Adrenalize Childhood Stress From Your Brain, Spine & Nervous System

Each Week You & Your Inner Child Will Experience:

  • Cosmic Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets To Heal Negativity & Toxicity From Your Nervous System
  • Detoxification & Purification Of Negative Memories, Emotional Flashbacks & Harsh Energies From Childhood
  • How To Charge & Program Divine Healing Instruments With Laser Light & Cosmic Frequencies
  • How To See, Feel, Hear & Recognize The Energy & Frequency Of Dr Lorphan & Christed Galactic Physicians
  • Quantum Healing Rituals To Clear Your Home Or Work Space With Arcturian Healing Technologies
  • Core Fear Removal & Core Love Infusion Integration To Release Others Energies & Embody Your Soul Sovereignty
  • Divine Visitations & Angelic Intervention From The Angels Of Surgery & Wound Recovery
  • Dissolve Masks, Armor & Heart Walls With Laser Light Technicians & Divine Diagnosticians
  • How To Create Your Own Holy Water With Medical Reiki & Galactic Healing Rituals
  • Step By Step  Soul Empowerment Processes & Protocols To Transmit Star Energy &  Miraculous Medicine Through Your Eyes, Heart & Healing Hands


This package includes:

  • 3x 2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions
  • 9 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others
  • 3 Class Galactivation Replays To Watch Or Listen To (Including Energetically Embedded Healing Images, Mantras & Sacred Geometries)
  • Arcturian Soul Journeys to Integrate & Assimilate Higher Heart Healing Frequencies
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