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Vandana Light Healing

Psychic Protection Empath Empowerment

Psychic Protection Empath Empowerment

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Would you like to own your natural gifts of mediumship, trust your gut & follow your hearts intuitive guidance no matter what?

When you’ve turned over your fears, doubts & judgements to your higher self, spirit guides, guardian angels & finally get out of your own way, did things you were worried about actually turn out ok?

If this resonates & you can relate, join me for my next new live interactive online program where you can learn how to channel the presence of loving helpers, protectors & messengers clearly, compassionately & confidently as a divine light instrument.

During this 4 Module Channeling Course designed exclusively for Energy Sensitive Empaths, you’ll be given a road map to show you how to see, sense & feel the presence of higher dimensional beings to vibrationally support you & help you thrive as a sovereign & psychic energy sensitive empath.

In each module, you will learn, practice & ask me how to open, clear & release spirit blocks, judgments & worse case scenarios so you can instantly know what’s true for you & scan your chakras & aura for energies that don’t belong to you.

In Module 1, we will practice how to:

Channel your higher self
Higher Self Invocation
Create a safe & sacred space to listen
Hear your spirit voice more clearly
Ask your immortal self to reveal your purpose
Receive new information through automatic writing

In Module 2, we will practice how to:

Connect & communicate with your personal guide & find out its soul name
Recognize the difference between ancestors, animal totems & guardian angels
Trust your bodies feelings, guidance & intuition
Create an energy shield and crystal grid for protection when channeling
Interpret messages through the lens of compassion & light invocations
How to increase your light & protect yourself with energy mirrors

In Module 3, we will practice how to:

Strengthen your connection to psychic gifts & past lives with soul retrieval
Journey to past, parallel or future timelines for integration & closure
Read your 13 chakras to clear fear blocks in every timeline
Cleanse & Fluff Your Aura To Attract High Vibrarional Guides
Elevate your vibration with chakra mantras & light cloaking invocations
Heal lifetimes when you were punished as a psychic witch or sorceress

In Module 4, we will practice how to:

Take back your galactic platinum safety net when traveling to your home planet
Join Your Spirit Team As A Valued & Respected Psychic Advisor & Divine New Human Medium
Integrate Your Soul Essence To Embody Your Starseed Psychic Abilities & Highest Life Purpose
Clear resistance to channeling spirit in your mental, emotional & pain bodies
Heart link with your guardians in the angelic & archangelic kingdoms

This 4 module interactive channeling classroom will be over-lit by your Higher Selves, I AM Presence, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels & Your Psychic Empath Soul Gifts From Every Lifetime.

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