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Vandana Light Healing

Psychic Development 101 Six MP3 Class

Psychic Development 101 Six MP3 Class

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This on demand program helps you awaken & activate your six psychic senses to help you trust your intuition & use them to see, hear, feel, know, taste & smell important information.

The 6 Clairs are all of our psychic senses and abilities we come into this reality with that most of us either hide from, are scared of or have made the choice to actually step into and expand.

Your amazing superhuman gifts are needed on this planet and have been shown to even save lives.

Listen to each program to clear fear, doubt & worry that you don’t have what it takes to be psychic & the self-judgement that comes up when you compare your psychic super powers to others.

Each program contains exercises, energy processes & guided journeys to develop your 6 extra sensory gifts & abilities including:

Clairvoyance – means clear seeing
Clairaudience – means clear hearing
Clairsentinece – means clear feeling
Clairalience – means clear smelling
Clairgustance – means clear tasting
Claircognizance – means clear knowing

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