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Vandana Light Healing

Priestess Power Soul Retrieval Journey - For Inner Strength, Courage & Resiliency

Priestess Power Soul Retrieval Journey - For Inner Strength, Courage & Resiliency

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This Priestess Initiation transmission session teleports you to the ancient Egyptian Temple of Karnak, Pyramids Of Healing Protection & The Halls of Mirrors to repel negative energies & reflect back your own  light, beauty, purity & divinity.

Lean in, Lie Back & give your inner child full permission to take back your powers, speak your truth,  strengthen your boundaries & praise yourself as an honorable & respectable Goddess with  hypnotic elixirs, tantalizing tinctures & the aromatherapy of temple incense contained in papyrus parchments dating back to the first female pharaoh Sobekneferu  infused with star medicine from the Sirius Goddess Sopdet & Cosmic Auset.

Claim your throne of Auset, perfumed ointments & golden Ankhs power tools to that attune you to the vibration of Goddess Auset to the left of you-Goddess Sekhmet to the right of you, Quan Yin behind you & White Tara before you.

As you listen to this transmission, Allow yourself to Float, Soak & Swim in soothing cascading light streams that vibrate  through your sacred wombs inner chambers with the threefold heart  flame of blue, gold & pink light treatments protecting you in an oil of gold safety net that help you rest, digest & process lifetimes of survival stress locked into your limbic, vegas & nervous system.

Reclaim your royal scepters, sistrum power rattles, lapis lazuli gemstones, ivory magic wands & medical amulets to rebirth your inner Goddess.


Class Replay - MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio - 26 min

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