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Vandana Light Healing

7 Power Animal Chakra Cleanse Transmissions

7 Power Animal Chakra Cleanse Transmissions

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Power Animals has been revered for thousands of years by the Incan Quero Shamans in Machu Picchu who carry the energy medicine you need to unlock emotional blocks, step into your true identity & walk freely, fearlessly & in beauty to evolve into a homo luminous new human earthkeeper.

Receive 7 Power Animal Healing Attunements To Cleanse & Clear Your 7 Earth Chakras Of:

  • Fear, Doubt, Disempowerment & Low Self-Esteem
  • Mental Confusion, Anxiety & Slow Energy Flow
  • The Habit Of Numbing Your Feelings With Addictions
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze & Emotional Imbalance
  • Feelings Of Hopelessness, Helplessness & Ungroundedness
  • Undigested Stress, Frozen Shame & Heavy Energy In Your Belly
  • Heart Walls, Armor & Shields That Keep Your Light Hidden
  • Chakra Sludge, Psychic Debris & Symptoms Of Complex PTSD

Meet The 7 Power Animals Of Your 6 Earth Chakras To Become A Person Of Power Today!


7 Live Class Replays - 15 HOURS - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - PDF Transcripts

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