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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother-Earth Mama Heart Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Star Mother-Earth Mama Heart Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Greetings Pleidean Star Heart Goddess,

Did you know that your electromagnetic field of your heart holds the
greatest amount of wisdom, intuition & emotional intelligence and if you
suffer from a heart chakra imbalance, finding joy, miracles & blessings
seems to escape you?

If this feels true for you, I invite you to take receive a Heart Opening
Star Medicine Infusion from the 7 Pleidean Sistars who over-light us,
gave birth to us & & feed us with seeds of divinity to awaken with the
multidimensional medicine of loving kindness.

Because we are made of stardust, we are golden & billion-year-old
carbon, our earth & star ancestors desire to help you awaken to your
natural state of joy, peace, space & the state of galactic grace from
the heart of Gaia Pachamama, Pleione your first Star Mother & the 22
hearts that illuminate the Milky Way Galaxy.

When you say YES, you will be able to align with the spirits of heart
shaped spiritual lakes, strengthen your heart with the heart of Incan
Mountain Tops, see your heart on the wings of the condor winged totem
protector & lie back in the arms of your star mother bodhisativas who
know how to hold & hug your star heart on every planet.

Come play to experience Golden Dreams Of Visions, Mystic Crystal
Revelations & Your Minds True Liberation as we Lift Off & Fly Into The
Pleidean Stargate To Update Your Divine Human Template, Enlighten Your
Earth Vibration, Speak Your Star Tribes Lost Light Language &
Generations Of Heartbreak From Your Earth Ancestors Who Never Learned
How To.

In This Weekends Divine Feminine Star Mother-Earth Mama Heart Chakra
Medicine Cleanse Intervention, You Will Be Given The Sacred Opportunity
To Align With The Munay Qoto Pleidean Star Celeano Of Compassion, Dona
Theresa, The Incan Goddess Of Heart Harmony From The Sacred Mountains &
Heart Shaped Lakes In Peru & The Andean Condor Totem To Stir Your Heart
& Awaken Your Ancient Wisdom.

This Sacred Ceremonial Rite Of Power Serves To Awaken Your Hearts
Emotional Intelligence To Heal Ancestrally Inherited Beliefs That May
Have Led To Heartbreak, Betrayal Or Abandonment So You Can Break Free Of
Karmic Patterns That Cause You To Want To Fight, Take Flight, Freeze &
Be Unable To Access Your 12 Petalled Lotus Hearts Flower Of Life Chakra.

Reunite with your First Star Mother Pleione, Your Bluish White Star
Sistar Celeano & The Spirit Of The Earth Mama Dona Theresa To Seed Your
Heart With The Strength Of The Apu Mountain Tops, The Love That Flows
From The Heart Shaped Lakes In Cusco & The Light From Above You That
Helps You Awaken To Ancient Ancestral Feminine Foresight From Your
Condor Bird Tribe Totem Guide To Expand Your Hearts Spirit Visions.

This Earth & Star Alignment Will Connect You Through The Sacred Site Of
Your Anahata Heart Chakra to the leylines of energy that flow through
your bodies. The 7 Pleidean Blue & White Bright Stars will connect you
to your 7 Nawis Energy Centers to Clear away Heavy Heart Energy, Mend
Hidden Heart Tears, illuminate your luminous energy field & Repair
Broken Heart Wings To Fly On The Wings Of Your Pleidean & Leumerian
Ancestral Mothers.

To help anchor in the divine feminine to emerge once again in this
dimension, you will experience the following Rites Of Divine Feminine
Heart Empowerment:

  • A Despacho Ceremonial Heart Offering From Nature Spirits To Empower Your Female Ancestors
  • A Pleidean Heart Attunement To Activate Your Hearts DNA With Divine Wisdom
  • A Heart Mending Cleanse With Dona Theresa To Sweep Away Heavy Debris &Ignite Your Feminine Heart Flame
  • An Interdimensional Soul Retrieval Journey To Extract Past Lovers Energy Imprints & Become Your Inner Twin Lover
  • An Eternal Heart Healing Hug & Divine Mother Embrace That Lasts Forever

If you suffer from a heart chakra imbalance, you may be experiencing
symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness, unforgiveness, never
feeling "good enough" & the habit energy of second guessing your divine
feminine intuition.

This Anahata Heart Chakra Medicine Cleanse Is Perfect For You If You've Been Experiencing:

  • Heart Heaviness, Emotional Numbness Or Head-Heart Imbalance
  • Feeling Unworthy, Co-Dependent, Needy or Manic Depressive
  • Difficulty Giving & Receiving Loving Kindness, Friendliness & Generosity Freely
  • Unable To Heal From Past Relationship Heart Break, Betrayal & Disappointments
  • Heart Palpitations, Lowered Immune System & High Or Low Blood Pressure
  • Not Trusting Your Hearts Intuition, Feeling Unlovable & Loss Of Passion
  • Shyness, Self-Rejection & Low Self Esteem & Hiding From Your True Feelings
  • People Pleasing, Denying Your Feelings & Staying Too Long In Toxic Relationships

This Star Mother-Earth Mama Heart Mending Cleanse Will Help You To:

  • Strengthen, Awaken & Embody Your Hearts Emotional Intelligence
  • Seed Your Star Heart Frequency With Courage, Confidence & Clarity
  • Feel More Deeply, Compassionately & Empathically For Yourself & Others
  • Practice Speaking, Listening & Seeing Through The Eyes & Ears Of Loving Kindness
  • Embody Inner Peace, Self-Care & Deeper Understanding Of The Root Of Your Feelings
  • Experience Trust, Fearlessness, Forgiveness & Ease In Attracting Healthy Relationships
  • Recapture Your Inner Childs’ Open-Hearted Innocence, Beauty, Purity & Goodness
  • Practice Self-Scanning To Treat Heart Wounded Imprints With Your Own Healing Hands

Join Me To Drum, Rattle & Release Lifetimes Of Divine Feminine Disempowerment So You Can Remember How To Move Mountains Of Suppressed Sha-Woman Shakti Energy & Land Softly In Your Heart Temple To Unravel Your Coiled Serpentina Creativity, Feel Worthy & Become A Vibrational Match To Activate Your Pleidean Priestess DNA.


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 131min

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