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Vandana Light Healing

Multi-Dimensional Magical Mediumship Divination Practitioner Program

Multi-Dimensional Magical Mediumship Divination Practitioner Program

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Become A Certified Soul Reader Energy Healer!

Are You Ready To Put Your Years Of Self-Study, Classes & Workshops Into A Powerful & Reliable Magical Practice?

I Believe In You & Your Spot On Intuition But What If You Never Have To Doubt Or Second Guess What You've Always Known But Were Afraid To Know Ever Again?

I'm Excited To Help You To Take The Next East Steps in Your Own Personal Ascension Process By Becoming A Full Time Galactic Guide, Reader & Seer So You Can Feel Totally Confident, Clear & Comfortable Owning Your Gifts & Safely Journeying With Me To Any Timeline, Dimension Or Lifetime Where Your Higher Self Has Already Learned, Trained & Mastered The Art Of Shape Shifting Alchemy!

In This Program, You Will Be Hand Held By Your Galactic Teachers Who Guard Your Records In Your Star Libraries On Star Sirius, Arcturus, Atlantis & Lost Civilizations Where Your Gifts Were Buried Deep Within The Inner Realms Of Agartha, Posid & Shambhalla With Your Anasazzi, Mayan & Incan Indigenous Ancestral Shamans Who Practiced & Taught You The Art Of Magic, Medicine & Alchemy.

If You've Been Hiding Your 5D Telepathy, You Can Be Of Service & Trust Your Spot On Intuition, You Can Tap In To The New Information & Turn On Your Alchemical Mastery & Potency As A New Earth Diviner & Crystal Clear Channeler Of The Golden Age Of New Human Kindness!

This Course offers you exercises, energy processes & new magical tools to trust your psychic gifts & communicate with your loved ones, spirit team & higher power.

This Multi-Dimensional Mediumship Program Teaches You The Ancient Art Of:

  • Divining & Scrying
  • Candle Diagnostics
  • Psychometry
  • Automatic Writing
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
  • The Art Of Channeling
  • Soul Records Readings
  • Seeing Aura Colors

When your soul says YES, you will be able to easily & effortlessly identify your strongest psychic abilities & practice fine-tuning & energy-boosting your other super power senses to become a crystal clear cosmic channel with your loving, supportive & non-judgmental soul family community.

The Great News Is You Can't Get It Wrong, Fail, Or Make A Mistake As Each Weeks Practice Session Is Another Fun & Rewarding Opportunity To Manifest The Magical Life You Deserve & Were Promised As A Divine Human & Living Goddess.

When You Join Me To Learn, Remember & Practice Your Own Blend Of Magical Medicine, You'll Have An Easy Access Pass To Participate In 6 Three Hour Divination Practice Sessions So You Can Finally Graduate From The Earth School Of Forgetfulness & Get Your PHD In Multi-Dimensional Manifestation Mindfulness.

Each 3 Hour Divination Practice Session Includes The Opportunity To Practice Your Gifts & Enhance Your Clair-Gifts So You Can See, Hear, Feel, Know, Smell & Taste the presence of Spirit As Well As A Complimentary Check In & Q & A Session With Me!

Here Is What You Will Learn!

Class 1 – The Art Of Clairvoyance Training (Spiritual Seeing)

In This Class, We Will Focus On How You Can Clear Past Life Fear Of Expressing Your Most Authentic & True Divine Identity You Can Own Your Disowned Powers & Potency.

You Will Also Learn How To Release Old Judgments Still Living In Your Limbic System That Keep Your Skills Stuck, Hidden, Frozen & Invisible Preventing You From Being Of Service.

Be Prepared With 2 Tapered White Candles To Practice The Art Of Candle Gazing Divination For Greater Relaxation, Heart Expansion & Inter-Dimensional Telepathic Communications

Week 2 - The Art Of Clairaudience Training (Spirit Listening-Soul Whispering)

In This Class, You Will Learn & Practice How To More Clearly Hear The Songs Of Choirs Of Angels, The Humming Of Nature Spirits, The Oming Of Medicine Buddhas & The Soul Voice Of Your Divine Essence.

You Will Also Learn How To Open & Awaken Your Higher Senses & Clairaudient Divine Ears More Clearly Hear Multidimensional Messages, Guidance & Assistance From Your Ancient Forgotten Ancestors & The Recently Dearly Departed Loved Ones Who You Desire To Speak With.

Be Prepared With A Water Bowl, Scrying Mirror, Crystal Ball & Candle So You Can Always Trust Your Intuition & Master The Art Of Divination So You Can Read, Interpret & Discern The Energy Of Everything That Has Ever Felt Like A Mystery.

Class 3 – The Art Of Clairsentience Training (Spirit Feeling)

In This Class, We Will Focus On Enhancing Your Clairsentient Empathic Sensitivities Through The Lost Art Of Psychometry So You Can Always Trust Your Natural Instincts & Other Worldly Mediumship Abilities.

You Will Also Learn How To Read The Energies, History & Biographies Of Objects, Photographs, Clothing & Jewelry Belonging To Other Souls Who Touched, Owned Or Wore Them To Decipher Inter-Dimensional Information Through Your Awakened Feelings, Bodily Sensations & Spiritual Discrimination.

Be Prepared To Bring An Object Belonging To You, Passed Down, Inherited & Gifted To You. It Can Also Be A Painting, Picture Or Present That Belonged To A Long Forgotten Ancestor That Has An Important Message For You That You Never Knew.

Class 4 – The Art Of Claircognizance Training (Spirit Knowing)

In This Class, We Will Dive Deep Into The Heart & Soul Of Your Own DNA To Begin To Feel Worthy Of Opening, Reading & Re-Writing Your Eternal Souls Autobiography.

You Will Learn To Become A Soul Reader, Scanner & Translator To Identify Hidden Blocks, Blind Spots & Astral Attachments To Make Peace With The Past & Release The Toxic After Effect You Experienced As A Psychic Empath & Wise Old Sensitive Soul.

Be Prepared To Practice The Art Of Emptiness With Ancient Breathing Techniques, Divine Feminine Alchemy & Reiki Healing Attunements With Sacred Tibetan Symbols Meant To Re-Awaken Your Clair-Chakra-Centers, Cellular Memories & Omnipotent Potentialities.

Class 5 – The Art Of Clairalience Training (Spirit Smelling)

In This Class, We Will Practice The Art Of Automatic Writing To Banish Buried Story-lines From Non-Beneficial Timelines Where You Had To Hide Your Channeling Abilities.

You Will Be Able To Open & Awaken Your 3rd, 4th & 5th Eyes As Well As Your Inner Ears To Clearly See, Hear & Write In The Language Of Your Holy Ancestors Who Weren't Allowed To Share Or Express Their Uniqueness.

Be Prepared To Become An Crystal Clear Empty Channel To Receive Multi-Dimensional Messages In The Form Of Light Codes, Poetry Or Soul Songs That Are Meant To Be Channeled Through You From Your Star Tribes, Dearly Departed Loved Ones & Your Guardian Angels Who Watch Over Your Eternal Soul.

Class 6 – The Art Of Clairgustance Training (Spirit Tasting)

In This Class, We Will Practice Training Your Spirit Eyes & Higher Brain To Master The Art Of Seeing & Scanning The Auric Fields Of People, Animals, Places, Spaces & Objects To Detect & Treat Byoki Illness or Imbalance With Divine Light & Divine Feminine Energy Medicine.

You Will Be Able To Practice On Yourselves, Your Friends & Each Other To Feel Confident To More Clearly See The Brightness, Dullness, Strengths Or Weakness Through The Colors, Shapes & Formations That Surround All Sentient Beings On This Planet.

Be Prepared To Explore, Experiment & Have Lots Of Fun Reading Auras, Learning What They Mean & Seeing What Energy Truly Looks & Feels Like That Can Help You Remember How To Clear Energy Imprints Left Behind In Homes, Offices Or Old Empty Spaces, Portals & Places.

This package includes:

  • Six 3 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions (Including Energetically Embedded Healing Images, Mantras & Sacred Geometries)
  • 82 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
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