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Vandana Light Healing

Mother Tara Transmission - For Patience, Power & Protection

Mother Tara Transmission - For Patience, Power & Protection

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I'm excited to play with you in this 2 1/2 Hour Green Tara Trance-Mission Protection Session where you will be attuned & initiated into the heart & womb of Tara's Divine Feminine Womb Medicine.

When you enter the Green Temple Door, Goddess Green Tara is able to meet you exactly where you are to infuse you with her thousands arms of peace, patience & life saving protection.

Mother Tara means "She who saves" & has the power to liberate you from physical & spiritual dangers & transmute 3D poisons, pathogens & toxins into 5D soul saving medicine.

Green Tara hears your cries & when you call upon her, she will come & save you from harm, calm your fears & remove you from danger.When you are in fear, trouble or trauma, Tara the Savioress quickly arrives to stand by your side  to back, bless, support & restore you back to your sovereign & strong Goddess true nature.

If you feel stuck, unheard or unappreciated, the dynamic Green Tara takes immediate action to enligthen, awaken & revive you with her three jewels of  wisdom, power & the medicine of cosmic courageous compassion.

In this 2 1/2 hour sacred soul journey, you will be shown how to connect, communicate & ask Tara for immediate assistance to quickly overcome your present state of chronic fear, worry, anxiety & 2020 timeline uncertainty.

In this Temple Trance-Mission, Tara The Transcender, Transmuter & Transformer helps you separate the real from the unreal to unmask the truth & change any situation you find yourself in that no longer serves, honors or supports you.

In this space of bliss, grace & forgiveness,  Tara transmits grounding life saving green healing energy with inter-galactic  star dust,  plant medicine &  golden threads of luminous light to mend your broken heart & free you from all forms of human fear, impatience & needless suffering.

The Boddhisatva Green Tara took a vow a long time ago to set you free of your soul suffering & vows of attachment to open, expand & shift you into the buddha field of egoic emptiness so you may become your own Savioress & fulfill your divine soul purpose.

This Protective Puja Trance-mission attunes you to her 21 Emanations & 8 Soul Protections to cast away patterns of feminine dis-empowerment, soul sickness & spiritual illness so you can become happy, well & at ease in this Kali Yuga Era & walk in beauty in the pure land of Milk & Honey.

In return for her loving kindness, you will learn how to make sacred offerings & sing her praises with the 8 offerings & 21 Tara prayers & praises as she always protects you from immediate & imminent dangers.

Green Tara wishes to fulfill you with the live saving energy medicine of courage, strength, endurance & motherly re-assurance so you never feel alone when you call upon her & she arrives swiftly by your side.

In this Temple Invocation Trance-mission, The Limitless Goddess Tara offers you a safe shelter & refuge to always return to where you can Mother your inner child & gift your mind & body permission to experience rest, digest & detach from false illusion, chaos, confusion & veils of delusion so you can gently & gradually awaken & activate your 5D Luminous Light Body.

Held In Mother Tara's Many Armed Protective Embrace, She comes when we call her to teach you her Sacred Mandalas, Mantras & Medicine Of Liberation, Protection & Self-Compassion in perfumed waters, sweet honey nectar & droplets of liquid honey dipped amrita.

As you rest in this safe refuge with your Mother Goddess Tara, you can open to receive her prana, mana & womb sustenance of sweet ambrosia to hold you, swaddle you & re-birth you in her womb of stars, sandalwood fragrance & metta loving kindness.

Receive immediate protection from the Limitless Tara that over-lights & protects you from the 8 forms of spiritual illness & soul sickness & if you're soul is ready & tells you YES, "I am ready, willing & able to be finally be set free of my inner doubts, demons & obstacles, then Green Tara awaits you to help you definitely, doubtlessly & immediately.


Class Replay - MP3 and MP4 - 155 min

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