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Vandana Light Healing

Mother Sekhmets Temple Attunement

Mother Sekhmets Temple Attunement

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This Ceremonial Ritual Transports You To The Temple Of Mother Auset & Goddess Sekhmet Who Have Volunteered To Cleanse, Clear, Purify & Beautify Your Cells, Muscles, Organs & Tissues With The Fierce & Feminine Medicine Of Nurturing Devotion, Priestess Protection & Courageous Compassion To Help You Return Again To Fully Own, Honor & Occupy Your Beautiful Body Temple.

Your Ceremonial Temple Ritual Attunement Includes Cord Clearings, Womb Healing & Heart Break Mending With Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine Blends To Help You Break Free From False Identities, Realities & Less Than Kind Energies.

Lie Back & Listen To This Channeled Soul Journey To Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body & Reclaim Your Lost Light & Life Force Energy!

  • Milk, Lavender & Honey Spa Baths For Purification & Detoxification
  • Incense, Oils & Herbal Aromatherapy Apothecary To Strengthen Your Immunity
  • Himalayan Sea Salts Steamroom To Smudge & Brush Away Empathically Absorbed Negativity
  • Body Temple Anointing Chamber For Safe & Comforting Body Pleasure
  • Roses, Rainbows & Rubies To Expand Your Imagination
  • Hall Of Mirrors For Psychic Protection
  • Soul Records Libraries For Ancestral Clearing
  • Crystal Chi Balls Of Higher Envisioning
  • Angelic Alphabet Amulets For Self-Protection
  • Ankhs, Wasets & Sigils For Self-Empowerment
  • Mantras Of Self-Protection (SA RA VA NA BA VA YA) (CLEARING NEGATIVITY)
  • Aka Cord Clearings For Psychic Attachment Unwinding
  • Aura Expansion For Boundaries Strengthening
  • Diamond Encoded Safety Nets For Aura Polishing
  • Chakra Shower Waterfalls For Emotional Cleansing

Listen before bedtime or anytime you are in an open, relaxed & distraction free environment.

Class Replay - 19 min - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio
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