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Vandana Light Healing

Medicine Buddha Reiki Certification Program

Medicine Buddha Reiki Certification Program

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The Medicine Buddha is an enlightened being who has unbiased compassion for all living beings. He protects living beings from illness, danger & obstacles & teaches us how to transmute poison into medicine.

The Medicine Reiki Buddha Is Also Known As The "Buddha Doctor."

This Eternal Buddha is the Buddha of healing that exists to help all sentient beings be free of suffering and attain enlightenment.

It is thought that Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki in its modern form, may have  meditated on the Buddhist sutra of the Healing Buddha as part of his  efforts to rediscover the original healing practices of the Buddha.

This Medicine Buddha Reiki Practitioner Program Prepares & Attunes You To Deeply Connect With The Medicine Buddhas Healing Energies.
Join Me From The Comfort Of Your Own Home To Practice Medicine Buddha Reiki Energy Healing Treatments For Your Friends, Colleagues & Loved Ones.

This Six Week On-Line Course Includes Medicine Buddha Frequencies, Buddha Mantras & Ancient Healing Symbols To Heal Yourself & Others In Person, On Line Or At A Distance.

The Energies Of This System Help Alleviate Suffering, Achieve Enlightenment, Remove Obstacles & Eradicate Hatred & Ignorance From Ones Life.

This Medicine Buddha Reiki Program Includes

- Medicine Buddha Empowerment Attunements

- Tibetan Reiju Empowerment Methods-Healing Buddha Meditations

- The Sangye Menla (Medicine Buddha) Sadhana

- The Medicine Buddha Mantra & Seed-Syllable Card

- Medicine Buddha Reiki Healing Symbols & Mantras

- Six Medicine Buddha Reiki Attunements

- Thirty Six Page Course Manual

- Certificate of Completion

Prerequisite: Reiki Master Certification

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