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Vandana Light Healing



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I invite you to see, hear, feel, know & trust how to manifest abundance so you no longer have a need to pretend to be small, settle for less or recreate your ancestors lack, live in survival mode or be haunted by generational poverty contracts.

This Money Manifestation Program provides all the tools & processes to think & feel like a 5D conscious, generous & high vibe billionairess with money mantras, visualization meditations & powerful energy work to shift into a money magnet & attract, receive & manifest what you need with ease, joy & confidence.

If You Were Raised In A Family Where Money Never Came Easy, This Program Gives You Advanced Tools & Techniques So You Can:

  • Receive Multiple Streams Of Passive Income Even While You’re Sleeping
  • See & Sense Financial Opportunities To Manifest & Magnify Abundance
  • Be Blessed By Archangel Ariel, Raziel & Money Angels To Support You
  • End Ancestral Karmic Debts & Heal Your Relationship With Money 
  • Clear Loyalty Vows That Won’t Allow You To Do Better Than Your Family
  • Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Match The Energy Of Prosperity


Heal your relationship with money & become a match to the frequency of prosperity!

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