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Vandana Light Healing

Magical Multidimensional Owl 3rd Eye Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Magical Multidimensional Owl 3rd Eye Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Greetings Magical Owl 3rd Eye Chakra Guardian,

You're invited To Teleport With Me With The Radiant Light Of The Blood Moon Illuminating & Guiding Us To Through The Lens Of The Wise Old Owl & Receive Cosmic Protection In The Higher Realms. 

If You've Been Feeling Lost, Misguided, Confused & Unable To Envision Stepping Into Your Highest Destiny, I Invite You To Spread Your Etheric Wings & Fly With Me To Improve Your Clairvoyant Eye Sight with the Underworld Guardian & Messenger of Spirits so you can awaken your keep perceptions & gifts of prophecy with ease, grace & clarity!

Join Me On An Eye Opening Soul Retrieval Journey To See With Your Eagle Eyed Owl Powerful Totem Teacher So You Can See In The Dark, Hear More Clearly & Be Fully Prepared To Experience Deep Change, Rapid Transformation & The Refinement Of Your Natural Instincts.

We All Have Invisible Power Animal Allies But The Owl Medicine 3rd Eye Guardian Is Known As The Teacher Of Wisdom, Astral Projection, Magic, Supernatural Powers, Clairvoyance & Intuition.

If owl medicine comes to visit you in dreamtime, there may be an important message waiting for you from the spirit world or your ancestors who wish you to own your supernatural powers, share your gift of prophecy, face your fears & see through the illusions of this human journey through the eyes of crone, mother & grandmother ancestral wisdom.

In the Shamanic & Ancient Indigenous Spiritual Healing Traditions, The Owl Is Known As An Inner Light Guardian That Always Keeps Our Path Well-Lit Helping You To See What Others Cannot.

In This 2 Hour Owl Medicine Mystical Attunement Your 5D Owl Protector To Cleanse & Clear Your Inner Eye With Its Snowy White Fluffy Feathers From Chakra Sludge, Filter Out Inner Eye Debris & Awaken Your Psychic Abilities To See The World With All Seeing Eyes That Are Always Wide Open.

On This Magical & Alchemical Shape Shifting Journey, you will be guided to awaken your 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensional eyes to See With Owl Eyed Wisdom With Extraordinary Vision To Recognize Signs, Omens & See The Truth Behind Every Illusion In Front & Behind You.

When You Say YES, You Can Receive Grandmother-Crone Owl Wisdom Medicine So You Can Spread Your Wings, Lift Off & Land Safely In The Heart Of The Nebulas, Constellations & Owl Eyed Messier-97 Star System To Raise Your Vibration, Lighten Your Frequency & Clear Your Ajna 3rd, 4th & 5D Sight Centers Of 3D Darkness, Duality & Earth Dust Debris.

I'm excited to attune you to Owl Medicine to trust your spot-on intuition, follow your souls calling & illuminate your multidimensional vision to need to see and be where you need to be!

Open & Awaken Your Clairvoyant Vision To Clear Fear Of:

  • The Mystery Of The Unknown
  • Trusting Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Your Supernatural Powers
  • Seeing What Others Cannot See
  • Soul Travel & Astral Projection
  • Envy & Jealousy You Feel From Others
  • Being Punished Or Ostracized For Your Gifts
  • Distrusting Your Intuition & Making Bad Decisions

I Will Teach You An Ancient Divination Practice To Receive Owl Medicine Wisdom So You Can:

  • Trust Your Prophetic Gifts & Natural Born Intuition 
  • Activate Your Clairvoyant Night Time Vision
  • See & Hear Omens & Spirit Messages From Your Ancestors
  • Receive Divine Guidance & Protection From Divine Feminine Wisdom
  • Practice The Art Of Spiritual Discernment To Manifest Loving Relationships
  • Soul Travel Freely & Fearlessly Multidimensionally To Receive Important Messages
  • Improve Your Powers Of Observation & Clear Perception To See Through Deception
  • Embody Courage, Wisdom &The Power Of Independent Thinking


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 146min - 12 PDF Transcripts

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