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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s



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Unlock the wondrous power of the Universal Chakra, the gateway to potent psychic abilities, soul healing, and karmic destiny transformation.

Unveil the truth that you are the Creator of the Universe and ignite your Divine Merkaba Light Body through the Heart's Open Stargate. Experience the harmonious integration of your physical and spiritual selves, basking in the essence of peace, bliss, and divine light embodiment.

If you've felt trapped or burdened by imbalanced Spirit and Galactic Chakras or have been plagued by the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), fret not! Activate your Universal Gateway chakra and unleash your unlimited creative potential, accelerate your life force energy, and feel the loving embrace of the Universe.

Immerse yourself in the Empowering Gathering for the "Magical Merkaba Light Body Activation." Journey into the realms of Akashic Light, Karmic Contracts, and Angelic Realms, where profound healing balance and the revelation of Infinite Oneness await.

Within this transformative event, you will experience the Simple Merkaba Meditation - 18 Breath Expansion Process, propelling you into a Lightarian state faster than the Speed Of Light!

When your Universal Chakra flows open, prepare to:

  • Elevate your Cosmic Awareness and Expand Consciousness
  • Embrace the infinite possibilities of your being in the vast Universe
  • Heighten intuition and bask in divine feminine perception
  • Rejuvenate your energy field, nurturing spiritual growth
  • Liberate your mind and body from lifetimes of stress
  • Connect vibrantly with your higher self and open your heart wide
  • Experience the freedom of movement and a profound cosmic connection

Claim your place in this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and mastery, and you will gain profound knowledge, including:

  • The Electric Blue Light Process for Spiritual Protection
  • How to Draw Divine Light Energy into Your Being
  • Energy Pulsing to Effortlessly Remove Auric Attachments
  • Absorbing & Integrating Universal Nameless Light
  • Mastering Chakra Spin at Accelerated Speeds
  • Awakening Divine Intervention from Your Galactic Self
  • Luxuriate in Chakra Bathing, Showering & Clearings

As a cherished attendee, you'll also receive a Universal White Light Visualization Process & Celestial 10th, 11th & 12th Chakra Activation - an invaluable gift for your magical journey. Access the downloadable replay now and immerse yourself in the enchantment of the "Magical Merkaba Light Body Activation"!

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