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Vandana Light Healing

Magdalene Flame Ascension Activation MP3 Audio Version

Magdalene Flame Ascension Activation MP3 Audio Version

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If you often see the numbers 12-12, this may be a sign that you are being called upon to assist to re-birth the new earth as a divine human & ascension avatar.

12-12 is a mirror number you can use to heal & harmonize your divine feminine & divine masculine true nature!

You are here to share your gifts, speak your truth & be in service in this age of unity & community during the month of MARYS & your immaculate conception.

To grow out of divine infancy into divine grace, join Vandana to receive & embody the Feminine Flame Of Mary Magdalene.

You're invited to play in the field of high magic, inner transformation & inspired co-creation to re-unite & re-awaken the Magdalene Fire (feminine) & Maitreya Flame (masculine) within us.

When you say YES, you can heal & re-parent your inner child that deserves to be held, nurtured & blessed by The MA-RAY & Mother Flame.

As the Mother Flame expands you, it fills you with divine alchemy & soul mastery with feminine fire from all the MA-RAYS that over-see & over-light you!

During this call, you will receive an ascension activation from the 2 Mary's, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene, to align with the heart of Sophia & the holy spirit of Mother Shekinah.

The return of the sacred feminine paves the way for the full return of Divine Mother to usher in the golden age of oneness, unity & community.

You will experience a mystic rose activation to resurrect your inner Priestess & Inner Goddess who help you tend to your inner garden of soul sovereignty, majesty & mastery!

This cosmic call is a wake up call to clear human fear, struggle & trauma that disconnect you from embodying the awakened heart of the Magdalene Flame.

Experience The Mystical Magdalene Flame to illuminate, radiate & activate your heart flame to unpack density, doubt & debris from the imprisonment of duality!

Be Bathed & Blessed In The Flame Of 5D Mastery To Awaken To Your True Identity & Soul Destiny!!!

89 minutes

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