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Vandana Light Healing

Lower Chakras Grounding Transmissions Bundle

Lower Chakras Grounding Transmissions Bundle

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To move stuck energy, 3D density & ease anxiety as a sensitive empath, I've created this 3 week mini program to receive deep red Reiki Life Force Energy from the comfort of home.

This package contains the most recent Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus 5D upgrades to clear old fear, embody self-confidence & gently awaken your Divine Feminine Kundalini Creatrix Goddess in your 3 lower chakras.

Watch & Listen To each session to strengthen your lower chakras so you can rest, digest & integrate your earth experiences & begin your new earth pranic healing purification attunement.

Each class contains the Mulhadara, Svadhistana & Manipura Chakra Mantras, Music, Mudras & Meditations to root, ground & return again to the safety net of your beloved temple body.

Om Shanti Shakti Om!
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