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Vandana Light Healing

Leumerian Laser Light Surgery - For Etheric Cords, Earth Imprints & Attachment Trauma

Leumerian Laser Light Surgery - For Etheric Cords, Earth Imprints & Attachment Trauma

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Greetings New Earth Activator, Awakener & Co-Creator,

I'm Excited To Invite You To Another New Inter-Galactic Ascension Trance-Mission Program To Help You Clear Non-Serving Cords, Imprints & Attachments Old Timelines, Inherited Bloodlines & Past Lifetimes That Drain, Deplete & Dis-empower You!

This Course Invites You To Journey To The Inner Galactic Pharmacies, Shambhalla's Spa Sanctuaries & Hollow Earth Libraries To Receive Advanced Leumerian Light Technology To Disentangle & Unravel Negative Cords, Stuck Miasms & Karmic Knots That Do Not Serve Or Support You.

Etheric cords keep you connected to people, bound to places & tied to spaces including every short term or long term interaction that either connect you with love or connect you to fear.

This is why I've divinely designed this 4 Classes Soul Mastery Empowerment Program so you can become your own “Cord Cutting Master Expert”, practice daily spiritual hygiene & connect you to the consciousness of spiritual discernment to all energies you have ever or will ever be exposed to.

I'm honored & excited to introduce & invite you to experience Loving Leumerian Light Etheric From The Arcturian Doctors, Cosmic Surgeons & Celestial Shamans To Help You Detach From Past Life Cordings, Ancestral Bindings & Trauma Attachments So You Can Reclaim Your Energetic Sacred Space, Occupy Your Heart & Embody Your 5D Authentic Identity!

This 4 Class Etheric Light Surgery Doesn't Cut Cords That Only Grow Back & Re-Attach But Simple Softens, Melts & Dissolves Cords With Gentle, Safe & Non-Invasive Advanced Arcturian & Agarthan Laser Light Technology!

To Re-Claim Your Lost Leumerian Light Birthright To Help You Feel More Alive & To Thrive, You Can Learn How To: 

  • Connect & Communicate With Arcturian Star Physicians & Telosian Inner Earth Surgeons
  • Receive Etheric Acupuncture Intervention From Shambhalla's Inner Earth Chakra Doctors
  • Schedule An Inter-Galactic Etheric Surgery To Remove & Repair Less Thank Kind Astral Cords
  • Strengthen Positive & Healthy Energetic Cords & Connections That Do Serve & Support You
  • Learn How To Identify The Difference Between Positive & Negative Energetic Cords
  • Master The Ancient Art Of Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval To Reclaim Your Life Force Energy

 With Your Laser Sharp Focus & Crystal Clear Intention, You Can: 

  • Remove false energies and energetic consequences associated with negative intentions you've created for yourself & others. 
  • Release the energies & energetic consequences associated with negative intentions that were created for you by others
  • Realign with your highest & truest ascension life path 
  • Boost your courage, confidence and personal power

Your Leumerian Light Spiritual Surgery Includes A Sacred Visitation To Inner Earth Pharmacy & Shambhalla Earth Star Sanctuaries Accelerate Your Wound Recovery Process & Experience:

Life Saving & Extending Celestial Star & Grounding Plant Medicine 

  • Vibrational Remedies To Sustain Healthy Bonds & 5D Connections
  • 5D Clarity, Courage & Resiliency To Awaken Your Luminous Light Body
  • How To Easily & Effortlessly Detach From Toxic Cord Attachments
  • Instant Recognition & Appreciation Of Healthy Bonds You Form With Others

This 4 Class Program Includes 4 Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunements To Help You: 

  • Perform Gentle, Safe & Non-Invasive Cord Cutting Treatments On Yourself & Others
  • Smudge Your Thoughts, Chakras, Aura & Energy Field From Empathically Absorbed Astral Debris
  • Give Yourself Deep Red Reiki Energy With An Ancient Tibetan Power Symbol
  • Reclaim Your Gifts, Clarity & Healthy Vitality Left Behind In Alternate Galaxies 
  • Re-collect your missing, lost or stolen soul pieces that created invasive cording activity
  • Clear Foreign Energies By Learning How To Repel Polluted & Parasitic Energies
  • Repair Your Healthy & Positive Etheric Cords To Strengthen, Nourish & Support You
  • Heal & Seal Energy Leaks, Holes, Tears Or Rips In Your Auric Field
  • Receive A Photonic Plasmic Platinum Shield For Daily Divine Protection
  • Identify The Subtle Differences Between Ancestral, Genetic, Generational & Gestationally Inherited Cords


Class 1 (Playtime 142min)

In this class you will receive Galactic light Star Surgery from your to identify, unravel, purify & detoxify negative & non-beneficial toxic energetic cords, blocks & attachments absorbed & stored in your Sashasrara Crown Chakra, limbic brain & emotional nervous system from all dimensions, timelines, galaxies & realities.

Class 2 (Playtime 154min)

In this class, you will receive Arcturian Etheric Open Hearted Surgery to unravel & detangle dense emotional heart walls, empathic cords & trauma attachments absorbed & stored in your Anahata Heart Chakra from all dimensions, timelines, galaxies & realities.

Class 3 (Playtime 142min)

In this class, you will receive Leumerian Light Surgery to dissolve & discharge weakening, draining & depleting imprints, implants & dis-empowerment cording absorbed & stored in your Manipura Solar plexus chakra from all dimensions, timelines, galaxies & realities.

Class 4 (Playtime 152min)

In this class, you will receive Galactic Etheric Acupuncture To Unlock Negative & Non-Beneficial Corded Vows, Contracts & Energy Draining Programs absorbed & stored in your Cells, Chakras & DNA From Ancient Ancestral Memories From Lifetimes Ago That No Longer Serve, Support Or Bless You from all dimensions, Timelines & Realities beyond our solar system & milky way galaxy.

If You're A Sensitive Old Soul & Telepathic Empath, Join Me To Discover 10 Easy Ways To Banish, Burn & Cast Away Energy Draining Etheric Cords To Prevent Them From Returning & Re-Attaching Again! 

Whether Your Cords Were Originally Grown & Self-Generated To Protect You Or You're Still Feeling Hooked & Corded Within Your Cellular Memories Still Filled With Other Peoples Energies, You Can Clean Up & Clear Out Dense Debris That Diminish & Disempower You In All Timelines, Lifetimes & Realities!

When Your Soul Says YES, You Can Feel What It's Like To Receive Leumerian Light Surgery & Multi-Dimensional Medication To Strengthen Positive Cord Connections With Your 5D Spirit Guides, Galactic Kachinas & Inner Earth Power Protectors Who Over-Light You & Re-Unite You With Your Ancient & Vibrant Leumerian Light Soul Family. 

You Deserve To Detach From 3D Density & Experience Your Divinity With Dr. Lorphan, The Arcturians, Lord Adama & The Doctors Of Leumerian Laser Light Surgery

This package includes:

  • Four Downloadable Class Galactivation Replays To Watch Or Listen To (MP4-Video AND MP3-Audio Including Energetically Embedded Healing Images, Mantras & Sacred Geometries)
  • 29 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Healing On Yourself & Others
  • 1 Bonus Call Replay MP4-Video AND MP3-Audio To Vibrationally Support You
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
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