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Vandana Light Healing

Lady Venus Galactic Heart Attunement MP3

Lady Venus Galactic Heart Attunement MP3

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Meet Lady Master Venus, Venus Kumara & The Venusian Beings In The Pink Lotus Temple Of Love.

Receive A High Heart Healing Ascension Attunement From Lady Master Venus.

Expand Your Heart Frequency to usher in the new energies & ascend into holy love & cosmic creatrix consciousness!

Lady Venus is a Cosmic Creatrix & Venusian being whose greatest joy is to shift & uplift you to the vibration of pure love!

Join Vandana on a sacred journey to the heart of Venusian Love with Lady Master Venus!

This high heart holy healing transmission will help you to:
  • Uplift & Shift You To Re-Birth A New Earth With Galactic Gaia & Lady Gaia 
  • Share Your Star Magic & Golden Hands To Help & Heal Humanity
  • Raise Your Vibration To Love Yourself, Feel Loveable & Attract Loving Relationships
  • Receive Venusian Blessings Who Oversee & Overlight Your Ascension Process With Ease & Grace
  • Heal Your Star Lineage & Earth Ancestors Who Did Not Experience Love In Their Galaxies & Realities

Teleport To The Home Of Lady Venus In Her Venusian Temple Of The Pink Lotus Flower To:
  • Meet With Your Galactic Guides, Lady Masters & Venusian Healing Team
  • Open & Un-petal Your Own Christed Heart With Divine Ease & Amazing Grace
  • Receive Venusian Blessings From Love Angels & Venusian Healers In The Temple Of Love
  • Feel Worthy & Deserving Of Love, Support & Sacred Relationships
  • Heal Your Inner Child Wounds In Past Lives & Parallel Timelines
  • Forgive & Release Past Lovers From Other Planets, Galaxies & Realities
  • Embody Venusian Wisdom As A Healer, Soul Guide & Vessel Of Love
  • Re-Birth & Resurrect Your Christed Innocence & Magical Child
  • Awaken Your Cosmic Creativity, Cosmic Beauty & Sacred Sensuality

Join This Inter-Galactic Light Healing Transmission & Experience:
  • A 6D Galactic Shamanic Soul Journey To The Planet Venus
  • A Divine Initiation In Your Pink Lotus Heart Temple 
  • Galactic High Heart Healing & Sealing Ceremony
  • Activation Of Divine DNA Star Gifts & Avatar Abilities
  • Soul Body Physical Body Sacred Re-Union & Integration 
  • Embody Divine Love On Planet Venus In The Temple Of The Pink Lotus Christed Heart
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