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Vandana Light Healing

Lady Nada Rose Ray Attunement MP3

Lady Nada Rose Ray Attunement MP3

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Greetings Sweet Sacred Spirit Of The Rose,
Dive into & embody the divine essence of the spirit of the Rose to connect with the light and sound codes held by these ancient sacred flowers. The deep rose pink ray is one of the most potent spiritual powers there is. It is the very embodiment of divine love.

Roses have the most evolved level of high vibrational consciousness of all the fragrant flowers on the planet. The Rose Ray essence assists us to access divine healing & to raise our vibrational frequency to that of pure unconditional love. If we are vibrating from the illusion of fear, we cannot attract love into our loves.

The spirit of the Rose connects us to the portal of our own hearts to open us up to even higher levels of consciousness  lowering our heart walls, accelerating healing, transformation, & self-love.

Experience a heart warming & softening soul awakening to ignite your source spark & radiate your holy light to all sentient beings in all timelines & realities to transmute fear into love & density into luminous light. This love emanates from our hearts & links us with the cosmic infinite heart of oneness.

As you drink in & absorb the deep pink radiant rose healing rays, you can ask that all wounds, trauma, & harmful energies be bathed in the light of love as it washes over & through you dissolving away all density, heaviness, & trauma to be replaced with light, transparency & luminosity. 

The rose ray loving energies will disentangle you from toxic cords of attachment to karmic relationships in the past, so you can attract & manifest loving & supportive relationships of all kinds easily & effortlessly in the eternal now.

Vandana will connect you with the 3rd ray of the pink flame that  Archangel Chamuels oversees to align you with the essence of compassion, love and forgiveness. You will be taken on a sacred journey to amplify the flame of love in your own heart in the Rose Temple - The Temple of inner healing.

You can speak with Lady Nada who anchors the 6th ‘Feminine Ray’ on the Earth plane & ask her to heal your heart. Healing is one of Lady Nada’s services to humanity. Lady Nada uses the Pink Flame to facilitate her healing work, and her symbol is the pink rose. She will help you to align, balance, & integrate your feminine and masculine energies so you can connect with the silent stillness of the Nada Energies -  The Essence Of Stillness & Silence helping you to drop into a "no mind" state of pure heart awareness.

Receive a sacred visitation from divine mother to feel safe and supported, when you are birthing something new, to heal & bond with your inner child, when you need to be loved and held, when you need to be patient, & when it's the perfect time to surrender to Divine timing. Here you may ask for her blue cloak to wrap around you so you can vibrate from love as your natural state of being.

MP3 Audio - 60 Minutes
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