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Vandana Light Healing

Kuan Yin Temple Transmission - For Comfort, Closure & Self-Compassion

Kuan Yin Temple Transmission - For Comfort, Closure & Self-Compassion

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The Goddess, Mother & Boddhisatva Kuan Yin embodies the medicine of mercy, metta (love), compassion & tender loving kindness.

She is also known as the Enlightened Boddhisatva, World Rescuer & Savior who made a vow to save all beings from needless & unrequired suffering so you & all sentient souls may be happy, at peace, liberated & free.

Kuan Yin has volunteered to heal soul sickness & spiritual illness & save all beings, planets, galaxies & realities.

As an empath, healer & caregiver, it is easy to forget that Kuan Yin's beauty, wisdom, tenderness & protection are always available when we allow ourselves to be held by her thousand arms & to be seen by her thousand eyes who always gaze lovingly upon us.

If you didn't have a loving, kind & compassionate mother to emotionally resource you, Kuan Yin, The Mother Of All Buddhas desires to Re-Parent you & always be there for you.

In this divine feminine empowerment transmission, you will be given the opportunity to embody a greater sense of openness, emptiness & spaciousness to better hear her prayers as she hears your voice, cries & wipes away your fears & tears.

I invite you to experience the 33 emanations of Kuan Yin, The World Sound Perceiver, so you may know, feel, hear, sense or see her appear as rocks, willows, lotus pools or running water to help you feel her unconditionally loving presence.

In the chime of broze or jade, the sigh of wind in the pines, the prattle and tinkle of streams, her sweet voice is heard once you are able to sit in sacred silence, breathe & simply BE.

I invite you to take an inner journey to Kuan Yinns Violet Temple of mercy, kindness & self-forgiveness so you may experience compassion in action & be bathed & blessed in her 10 protections to protect you from the 8 great fears that separate you from knowing, trusting & accepting your true buddha nature.

Only here can She Who Saves Us melt your heart walls, open your lotus heart & re-birth the greatest version of you as a watcher, seeker & listener of her divine mothering, guidance & womb wisdom.

To return to the pure land of enlightened consciousness, you will receive Kuan Yinns lotus blossom of comfort to help you feel connected & protected as you are held & wrapped in her arms & nursed back to health as a living & breathing cosmic creatrix Goddess.

When your inner child says YES & with your adult child's willingness, you can give yourself permission to receive this heart sutra transmission to heal the need to run away & return to your eternal home, safe shelter & refuge of respite, rest & recovery.

You will also receive Kuan Yin's rosary of Mercy to help you become one with your own compassionate and merciful heart. 

Together, we will weave in a golden filament & safety net of divine feminine healing protection to allow you to release obstacles, clear past karma, disentangle disempowerment & re-claim your Shakti Feminine Potency!

Become A Devotee Of Self-Compassion & Enter The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Session Room!


Class Replay - MP3 and MP4 - 154 min

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