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Vandana Light Healing

Karmic Clearing & Ascension Healing With The Galactic Archangels MP3

Karmic Clearing & Ascension Healing With The Galactic Archangels MP3

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To ease your accelerated ascension upgrades, join Vandana to receive important updates, trinity wave source codes & sophia christed frequencies to shift, uplift & support your healing & awakening process.

The Galactic Guardian Archangels are here to over-see & over-light you so you can thrive on your highest timeline, be of service & love your life!

Experience the love, comfort & mercy of christed healers, galactic doctors & star shamans to awaken & expand you from the inside out.

This is your divine appointment & golden opportunity to unplug from 3D unconsciousness & plug into the higher frequencies of 5D consciousness.

This out of space out of mind sacred soul journey connects you with your star medicine & lost knowledge from the milky way galaxy, your birth star & home planet to embody divine alchemy & multi-dimensional mastery!!!

When you say yes, you will receive:
  • Galactic Guidance On How To Attract 5D Heart Based Relationships
  • Karmic Clearing Of Astral Entities & Implants From Your Galactic Lineage
  • Vibrational Support, Courage & Strength For Empaths & Sensitive Souls
  • Christed Source Codes To Awaken & Activate Your Soul Purpose & Pure Potential
  • Psychic Protection Of Your 5D Telepathy & Super Human Abilities
  • Etheric Acupuncture To Awaken & Activate Blocked Ascension Chakras
  • Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval To Take Back Your Lost Power Pieces
  • Dr Lorphans Core Fear Removal Program & Love Infusion Transmission
  • Arcturian Healing To Seal Open Psychic Doors & Strengthen Your Auric Field
  • How To Hold & Absorb 100% Pure Light As Your Natural State Of Being

Your Galactic Archangels Are Ready To Help You:
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Expand Your Mind
  • Strengthen Your Body
  • Uplift Your Spirit 
  • Soothe Your Soul 

If You Are Ready To Receive Their Love, Attention & Blessings, Just Say YES!

123 minutes
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