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Vandana Light Healing

Jaguar Medicine Womb Chakra Cleanse

Jaguar Medicine Womb Chakra Cleanse

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Receive a divine feminine womb chakra cleanse & empowerment attunement with your feline power animal chakra guardian ally Mother Jaguar!

In this 2 hour meditative journey, you will learn about, experience & embody the power, wisdom, patience & emotional intelligence of a brand new 5th dimensional benevolent spirit guide.

The Jaguar Power Animal has been revered for thousands of years by the Incan Quero Shamans in Machu Picchu who carry the energy medicine you need to unlock emotional blocks and re-birth your true identity so you can walk fearlessly on the path of freedom & liberation from emotional pain & suffering.

Watch Or Listen To This 2 Hour Interdimensional Journey To Ease Your:

  • Self-Doubt, Worry Or Anxiety
  • Emotional Pain & Overwhelm
  • The Habit Of Numbing Your Feelings
  • People Pleasing Distractions
  • Addictions To Food Or Toxic Substances
  • Digestive & GI Track Imbalance
  • Having Weak Boundaries In Intimate Relationships
  • Ability To Create, Attract & Manifest Abundance

Take A Journey With Me Outside Of Space & Time To Transform Poison Into Medicine!

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