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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Intergalactic Cat Magic Program

Intergalactic Cat Magic Program

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Have you always been a “Cat Person” admiring the way they move, play & vibrate with presence, elegance & fierce independence?

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to see through the veil with cat eyes awakening your divine vision & clairvoyant perception?

If you simply know you were an Ancient Egyptian Temple Goddess & Initiate Of The Temple Of Isis & long To Reunite With Your Galactic Feline Starseed Family From Lyra, Andromeda & Mother Jaguar Medicine In Machapicchu, then you don't want to miss this Cat Magic Shapeshifting Experience!

I invite you to join me on a Safe, Sacred & Soul Shifting Journey to Meet, Merge & Integrate Your Lost Lioness Natural Instincts To Express Your True Self, Speak Your Truth & Ignite Your Passion For Life With Your Spiritual Ancestors, Totems & Feline Earth & Star Teachers, Protectors & Guardians.

We know that Felines played a big part in creating human DNA, seeded the feline species on earth & played a major role during Atlantis, Lemuria & Ancient Egypt times as guides for humans to help evolve our Telepathic DNA.

Cat People mastered the art of vibrating on a spectrum of a 6D-9D frequency in their original feline form to serve the homo sapien species so we may evolve into homo luminous light beings!

Join Me If You Identify As A Feline Starseed & Desire To Connect With Other Feline Starseeds That Live Among Us & Resemble Lions, Domestic Cats or a Hybrid Mix Of Humans & Cats.

I Invite You To Experience A Feline Flow Frequency Attunement To:

  • Open Your 5D Cat Eye Clairvision
  • Flow & Release Trapped Energy
  • Practice Spiritual Discernment
  • Trust Your Natural Instincts
  • Embody Divine Presence
  • Move Your Body With Grace & Ease
  • Speak Your Truth Courageously
  • Be Finicky & Fussy About Who You Hang Out With
  • Treat Yourself Like Royalty With Self-Respect
  • Choose Your Friends, Lovers & Partners Wisely
  • Stay Grounded & Present In Your Body

In Class 1, You Will:

Climb Into The Wombs Of The Protectress Mother Sekhmet & Her Twin Sister The Cat Goddess Bastet To Experience A Re-Birthing Attunement, Awaken Your Lyran Feline 9th Dimensional Consciousness & Unlock Your Artistic, Psychic & Learn To Speak Your Truth Gently Yet Powerfully In Your Most Intimate Relationships.

Meet The Fierce Sekhmet and Gentle Bastet In The Divine Feminine Temple Of The Blue Lioness Sekhmet & Tour Through Ancient Libraries, Pharmacies & Sanctuaries To Retrieve Your Psychic Gifts, Practice the Art of Divine Alchemy & Re-Write Disempowering Soul Contracts With Your Spiritual Ancestral Feline Mother.

Receive A “Lion Hearted” Throat Chakra Medicine Cleanse To Roar Your Truth, Communicate Telepathically & Receive A Perfumed Ointment Divine Feminine Annoinmtent In The Soul Spa Of Serenity To Rest, Digest & Give Yourself Permission To Purr With Pleasure.

In Class 2, You Will:

Learn to track energy, see spirit & who teaches you to sniff out when your environment is safe & when there is hidden threat or danger so you can take a higher path. Meet Mother Jaguar Otorongo & Her Sister The Puma as they walk beside you to heal your feelings with courage, confidence & fearlessness.

Experience Feminine Jaguar Supernatural Powers, Gifts & Magical Medicine to help you process profound transformation, embrace your sexuality, reclaim your personal power & heal your connection with Divine Mother so you can feel loved, honored & worthy again.

You'll learn how to create a sacred space to invoke the energies of the south to release the past, transmute generational karma & burdens passed onto you but no longer serve you and become strong, resilient and self -sufficient.

Receive Jaguar Medicine to Cleanse Your Womb Chakra, Heal Wounding Imprints & Shed Chakra Sludge & Psychic Debris You've Absorbed As An Empath Stored In Your Belly & Emotional Bodies.

Together, We Will Journey To Reclaim Missing Feminine Frequency Soul Parts You Left Behind In Ancient Lifetimes When You Served As A Medicine Woman, Healer & Doula In The Amazon Jungles, Swam In Lake Titicaca Or Climbed To The Top Of Machupicchu.

Join Me & Your Maternal Jaguar Spirit Guardians To Face Your Greatest Fears, Heal Embodied Shadow Shame & Love The Darkest Part Of Your Heart With Jaguar Binocular Vision.

In Class 3, You Will:

Reunite with your Blue Lyran-Sirian-Andromedan Feline Starseed Family Of Light To Raise Your Vibration To The 9th Dimension, See Auras, Activate Your Dormant DNA & Remember How To Speak, Read & Write Your Light Language Alphabet In The Temples, Sanctuaries, Libraries & Healing Centers Of Higher Learning, Knowledge & Mystical Wisdom.

Come Curl Up On The Lap Of Your Lion Hearted Feline ET Elders To Help You See Through Veils Of Mystery With Cat Eyed Extra-Sensory Clarity So You Can Finally Understand Who You Are, Why You're Here & How You Can Ground The Energy Of Peace, Presence & Pleasure In Your Feline-Human-Hybrid Mind & Body!

Join Me To Get Your Galactic Purr On & Reunite With Your Cat Medicine Totems, Teachers, Companions & Ancient Feline Families So You Can Evolve Into A Peaceful, Powerful & Compassionate Homo Luminous New Earth Light Being.

Learn The Traits Of Feline Starseeds, Which Star System You Come From & How You Can Become A 9D Ambassador To Evolve The Consciousness Of All Humanity!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 420min - 26 Printable Documents

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