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Vandana Light Healing

Inter-Galactic Soul Healing With Spirit Shamans & Doctors Of Divinity MP3

Inter-Galactic Soul Healing With Spirit Shamans & Doctors Of Divinity MP3

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If you've been feeling drained, depleted & depressed, receive an inter-dimensional soul retrieval session from your spirit shamans, christed galactic soul specialists & the doctors of divinity!

This shamanic soul retrieval session restores soul loss & heals soul trauma from past or parallel timeline trauma so you can shift into & thrive on your highest 5D soul ascension timeline that will serve you & the entire planet!

Get Your Energy Back & Embody The Grace of living with passion & purpose!

Receive back what is yours & Return back what is not!

You deserve to cleanse, clear & heal soul trauma you or your ancestors experienced in past lives, parallel realities or even from your home planet or birth star where you lost or gave away your star gifts & shamanic powers!

With your cosmic consent, your shamanic guides, angels & allies transport you to the higher realms to rest, re-set & recalibrate to a higher vibrational frequency to awaken & activate your dormant gifts & quantum potential to heal yourself from the inside out!

This sacred soul journey allows you to meet & merge with your healed & future selves to feel whole & complete again!

Experience Dr. Lorphan’s etheric acupuncture to release soul trauma, unravel mind loops & dissolve soul ties between you & all souls you've contracted to live with, be with or learn from.

Your Soul Assigned Divine Intervention Team, Star Shamans & Spirit Surgeons have lovingly volunteered their expertise to gently extract others soul fragments & gently return your lost or missing heart pieces or soul fragments back to their rightful owner...YOU!!!

You will be left with a deep feeling of inner contentment, profound peace & self-love so you can trust your body, honor your gifts & fulfill your highest soul purpose in this timeline!

You deserve to feel free, happy & at peace as your natural birthright!

Dr. Lorphan & his medical team in the inner planes of Shambhalla will help you to:

  • Free Your Family Soul From Bondage, Enslavement & False Beliefs
  • Clear Ancestral Karmic Imprint, Patterns & Miasms From Your Lineage
  • Dissolve Soul Struggle, Stress & Trauma In All Timelines, Lifetimes, Galaxies & Realities
  • Make Peace With Your Inner Shadow & Inner Light
  • Re-Parent Your Inner Child's Soul Wounds From Past Lives & Parallel Realities
  • Revoke Negative & Non-Beneficial Soul Vows, Contracts & Agreements
  • Release Others Soul Parts, Fragments & Energies From Your Cells, Chakras & Nervous System
  • Re-Integrate Your Own Power Pieces, Soul Gifts & Life Force Energy

Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, clear ancestral fear & burn karmic attachments with the Aquarian Holy Fire, Dr Lorphan, the AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants) & your Timeline Trauma Team!!!

On This Galactic Sacred Soul Journey, You will Experience:

  • Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
  • Galactic Soul Retrieval Outside Of Time & Space
  • Inter-Dimensional Soul Healing With Spirit Shamans
  • Cosmic Restoration Of Your Divine DNA & Star Gifts


  • A Golden Net Process To Help You Expand & Re-Absorb Your Own Light As Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide
  • A Platinum Net Process To Awaken, Activate & Align With Your Higher Selves, I Am Presence & Your Soul Presence
  • A Prana Wind Clearing Device to dissolve & release others soul wounds you've empathically absorbed from soul mates, soul groups or star families

To ground your soul essence & anchor your earth presence, Vandana will run a powerful process to help you re-birth the new earth, be of service & embody your soul body with 5D Mastery!!!

Heal Your Soul, Take Back Your Light & Re-Write Your Soul Destiny!!!

Experience A High Frequency Galactic Soul Retrieval Session!

111 minutes

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