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Vandana Light Healing

Inter-Galactic Sirian & Arcturian Karma Clearing For Fear, Disempowerment & Timeline Trauma MP3

Inter-Galactic Sirian & Arcturian Karma Clearing For Fear, Disempowerment & Timeline Trauma MP3

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This Inter-Galactic Healing Journey introduces you to the Miraculous Physician Dr. Lorphan!

This Galactic Doctor works with the Arcturian Medical Team. He is a powerful Galactic Master Healer & Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius on the Innerplane in Shamballa.

Dr. Lorphan and the Inter-Galactic Healing Team take you to the Great White Lodge to experience Etheric acupuncture to heal & extract fear based thoughts, energy leaks & soul loss as you are bathed in galactic light & fed nature intelligence, vitamins & nutrients from your divine healing intervention team. They also work closely with your Telosian Ancestors & Ascended Masters to support you with nature intelligence from the inner hollow earth.

As Starseeds, Empaths, Blue Rays & Sensitive Souls, it's likely you have absorbed 'like a cosmic sponge' negative energies, thought forms & psychic attachments that keep you bound in fear, 'no choice' vows, soul loss & disempowerment.

The Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMA), Sirian Spirit Surgeons make 'house calls' in dream time while you sleep to vibrationally support you & help you get back on track to no longer just survive but truly thrive on the new earth.

Your Inter-Galactic Team have specialized training & are experts in deleting fear files, corruption coding & the core fear matrix program to be replaced with CORE LOVE!

When you say YES to RE-CLAIMING & RESTORING your Soul Soverignty & Self-Mastery, you can finally be your own Authority & Re-parent your MAGICAL CHILD that longs to be heard, seen & appreciated!

This Inter-Dimensional soul retrieval transmission is a sacred opportunity for you to witness & re-capture your youth, strengths, powers, wisdom & beauty so you can welcome back ALL OF YOU!

Re-awaken your STAR GIFTS & fully restore your 5D Telepathy!

Even if you don't know what all of your gifts & super hero powers are quite yet, the Galactic Master Healers do & with your cosmic consent will heal & harmonize your electrical bodies, galactic chakras, nervous systems & energy fields in their inner cities of light in your own healing pod of womb like light.

They invite you to welcome back your multi-dimensional selves that you've lost, went missing or have given away in childhood, the womb or past so you may feel whole & HOLY in this timeline of accelerated ascension into 5D living!

The Arcturian Emissaries Of Light have volunteered to OVER-LIGHT you with their master healing energies, advanced laser light technology & their lovingly high vibration so you can remember who you are, reclaim your soul gifts & speak your truth with ease & grace.

Many of you are experiencing a starseed re-awakening as you do your best to keep up with the accelerated ascension energies & magnetic earth shifts but need vibrational support & divine doctoring to clear karmic distortions, negative energies & fear programming.

If you are reading this & this information feels familiar & resonates, you or your ancient ancestors may be from Arcturus or may share Pleidean/Sirian/Andromedan or Lyran DNA.

The Arcturian Master Healers & Sirian Star Medical Team Will Help You:
  • Ease your ascension symptoms
  • Clear inter-dimensional timeline trauma
  • Repair Damaged DNA
  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Re-Calibrate your nervous system & electrical light body
  • Re-Adjust your bio-field to hold more light
  • Create more ease, space & flow in your physicality
Attract 5D new earth empowerment in unity & community on your highest soul ascension timeline!

Experience A Cosmic Soul Retrieval From The Galactic Doctors Of The Universe To:
  • Release toxic timeline trauma stored in your cells, atoms & DNA
  • Cleanse Astral Junk, Invasive Implants & Troubled Spots From Your Inner & Outer Bodies
  • Dissolve Inherited Stress, Anxiety & Fear
  • Clear Karmic Burdens, Debts & Corruption Codes
  • Entrain Your Brain To Theta & Delta States Of Peace & Well-Being
Heal your 'troubled soul' & timeline trauma & take back your powers & soul mastery on a galactic healing intervention outside of time & space!

Be assigned to your Arcturian Healing Pod Now to lie back & receive healing from beyond this world!

108 minutes
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