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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Inter-Galactic New Earth Soul Retrieval Empowerment Program

Inter-Galactic New Earth Soul Retrieval Empowerment Program

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I'm excited to invite you to a BRAND NEW Sacred Cosmic Journey To Empower, Enlighten & Inspire Your Soul Travels On The New Ascension Earth Timeline.

To Heal, Seal & Mend Old Earth & Galactic Timeline Trauma, I'm Happy To Teach You How To Connect & Communicate With Your Soul Assigned Star Elders, Galactic Kachinas & Inter-Dimensional Soul Psychologists That Know, Feel & Over-Light Your Multi-Dimensional Soul.

If you haven't experienced soul retrieval, this ancient healing system retrieves lost soul fragments that fled or flew away to feel safe & to survive after a physical or emotional traumatic life event like an accident, injury, or a series of early losses.

Inter-Galactic Soul Retrieval is all inclusive & unlimited as an evolved wise old soul, you have had many lifetimes on earth, in the stars & in other galaxies & realities outside of time & space.

When you experience Cosmic Soul Recovery, you can experience ALL YOUR Light, Energy & Vitality Returning, Integrating & Re-Aligning To Help You Feel At Home & Re-Birth A Greater Earth!

It Is Vital To Retrieve, Recover & Restore Not Only Some Of Your Gifts, But ALL Of Them From Your Multi-Dimensional Soul In A Safe & Sacred Space Of Grace!

I Hope You'll Join Me To Receive This Golden Opportunity to Sacredly Soul Travel to your Original Home Planet, Birth Star & To Ancient Ancestral Lands Where You Can Merge With Your True Self & Sovereign Soul Identity.

Now is the timeline to embody both cosmic light & earth wisdom medicine from galactic kachinas, ancient elder earth helpers & star doctors who carry the remedies, antidotes & medicine from the stars, the heavens & the inner earth.

To ease your growing pains & ascension symptoms, you can travel to crystal caves, power spots & holy lands to experience advanced healing technologies, galactic spirituality & soul psychology to embody sovereign soul mastery.

This cosmic curriculum is open to all souls who are ready for REAL, LASTING & PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION!!!

Learn How To Re-Collect Your Missing Pieces, Gain Greater Clarity & Experience 5D Miraculous Possibilities!

When You Say YES, You Will Be Able To:

- Meet Your New 5D Ascension Integration Spirit Guide
- Recover Your Lost & Long Forgotten Power Pieces On earth & In The Stars
- Breathe With Earth Mother & Cosmic Mother To Re-Birth The New Earth
- Leave Tour Old Soul Groups & Re-unite With Your Higher Earth Soul Family
- Ancestrally Inherited Inter-Galactic Karma & Trauma From Galactic & Biological Ancestors
- Re-Write Your Soul Records Found In Higher Realms Beyond The Akashic Realms
- Practice Mastering The Art Of New Earth Alchemy To Magnetize A Magical Reality
- Connect With The Nature Spirits & Consciousness Of Fire, Air, Earth & Water
- Travel Safely & Wisely With Star Shamans, Galactic Kachinas & Ancestral Elders
- Discover The Best Soul Medicine From Earth & Sky Doctors, Doulas & Healers
- Receive Blessings From Healthy & Healed Galactic, Spiritual & Bloodline Ancestors
- Thrive In 5D Lavish Abundance, Angelic Assistance & Planetary Prosperity
- Dissolve Old Earth Density To Shimmer, Shine & Absorb 100% Diamond Light
- Polish Your Mind, Heart & Gut To Awaken & Activate Your Divine Dormant DNA

To Become Your Own Star Shaman, Divine Doctor & Galactic Kachina Spirit Guide, Come Fly With Me & Land Back Home To A Friendlier, Kinder & Safe Earth!

Receive New Earth Blessings From Arcturian, Mayan & Telosian Guides, Guardians, Spirit Helpers & Huna Heart Awakeners To Shape Shift Into Your Highest, Holiest & Healed Soul Self!

If You Are Ready To Re-Claim Your Lost Earth Energy, Platinum Power Pieces & Crown Of Stars, Then Step Forward & Claim Your Space On The Emerald New Earth!

In Class #1, You Will:
  • Learn how to prepare, create & clear your own sacred living space
  • Experience A Core Fear Removal & Core Love Revival Process On Planet Earth
  • Meet Your New Earth Doctors, Spirit Surgeons & Himalayan Masters Of Light
  • Receive Sacred Counsel From Soul Psychologists & 5D Ascended Masters
In Class #2, You Will:
  • Visit Agarthas Inner Crystal Core To Clear Earth Poverty, Soul Survival & 3D Scarcity Vows
  • Meet Your Star Shamans, Holy Hunas & Totem Animals From In Higher Realms
  • Re-Write Old Earth Shame With Emerald Tablets With Goddess Auset From Ancient Atlantis
  • Journey Between Lives To Extract Soul Imprints & Recover From Soul Loss
In Class #3, You Will:
  • Empower Yourself With Chief White Eagle, Buffalo Heart & White Buffalo Calf Woman
  • Unravel Soul Cords, Hooks & Vows From Embodied & Disembodied Souls
  • Experience Laser Light Technologies & Sacred Light Geometries From Star Elders & Medical Celestials
  • Make Peace With Held Memories, Astral Entities & Absorbed Emphatic Energies
In Class #4, You Will:
  • Sacredly Soul Travel With The Galactic Kachinas & Star People To Retrieve Your Divine DNA, Christed Template, Soul Sovereignty & Light Body Mastery
  • Recover From Inter-Galactic Soul Fracturing To Raise & Refine Your Vibration
  • Awaken, Activate & Align With Earth & Star Medicine As Your Own Spirit Guide
  • Ask Your New 5D Soul Guide To Clear Your Field Of Cosmic & Earth Trauma
In Class #5, You Will:
  • Unlock Cosmic & Earth Chakra Blocks With Etheric Acupuncture Spirit Surgery
  • Radiate Positive Energy To Clear Negative Entities In Your Aura & Energy Field
  • Integrate Your Personal Power Pieces With Assistance & Guidance From Devas, Faeries, Animals & Plant Helpers
  • Heal Missing Soul Parts With Loving Kindness For Cosmic Closure & Completion

Your Bright Light, Energy & Vitality Are Needed To Co-Create, Collaborate & Assimilate Cosmic Energy & Earth Medicine As Way Showers, Lamp Lighters & Soul Savers!

Learn How To Become Your Own Inner Shaman To Clear Cosmic Karma, Earth Trauma & Ancestral Drama In All Timelines, Lifetimes, Dimensions & Galaxies With Ease, Space & 5D Grace!

Meet Your New Soul Groups, Totem Guides & Medicine Guardians To Walk In Beauty On The High Rich Red Road Of Planetary Potency & Prosperity For All!

This package includes:

  • Five 2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions (Live Recordings available as MP4 Video and MP3 Audio) 
  • 33 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others
  • Arcturian Soul Journeys to Integrate & Assimilate Higher Heart Healing Frequencies
  • Prayers, mantras & solfeggio frequency soothing sound tracks to provide profound peace on your healing journey
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