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Vandana Light Healing

Inter-Galactic Intervention For Money Karma & Poverty Vows MP3

Inter-Galactic Intervention For Money Karma & Poverty Vows MP3

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Come Play In The Cosmic Garden Of Creativity, Opportunity & 5D New Earth Abundance!

Experience An Accelerated Abundance GALACTIVATION From Dr Lorphan & His Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMAS) To Awaken Your Star Gifts, Soul Sovereignty & Divine Alchemy With Ease & Grace!

As Starseeds, Empaths, Indigos & Sensitive Souls, you may have absorbed ('like a cosmic sponge') 3D lack, fear & scarcity in multiple timelines that keep you stuck in survival mode.

The Good News Is that Your Galactic Ancestors & Divine Intervention Team make ‘house calls’ & Over See Your Ascension Abundance Timeline so you can remember who you are & why you're here.

Vandana invites you to plant your cosmic seeds, walk on fertile ground & quantum leap into abundance mastery & star magic!

On this call, You Will Receive a Wealth Vibration Upgrade from the Christed Galactic Master Healers & The Director of the Great Blue & White Sirian Lodge on the Innerplane in Shamballa In The Inner Cities Of Light.

You are invited to meet Dr. Lorphan On A Cosmic Journey Into The Heart Of Creation to heal ancient ancestral money karma & clear vows of poverty, struggle & scarcity in all of your earth timelines & planetary lifetimes.

The Athena Starship will pick you up & beam you into your home planet where you can rest, re-set & re-charge in your very own healing pod to re-parent your inner child, trust your gifts & re-write your soul destiny.

Experience Dr Lorphans etheric acupuncture to open your receiving channels, expand your energy flows & bathe in Sirian blue & Golden Solar light before returning to our beloved blue planet.

Experience an other worldly cosmic meeting with your divine team of money advisors, spirit accountants, akashic book keepers & cosmic librarians to help you re-write your soul destiny.

Quantum Leap Out Of Your Stress, Struggle & Scarcity Timeline & Jump Into Your Ascension Abundance Timeline!!!!

When you say YES, your karmic clearing gold & platinum money angels bless & free you from money wounds & karmic debt you've accrued from lifetime to lifetime.

Receive a divine dosage of nature intelligence, soul supplements & nurturing nutrients from your Divine Healing Intervention Team who OVER LIGHT your path and your highest soul destiny!

You will be vibrationally supported to sustain & stabilize your wealth frequency in the GREAT JADE TEMPLE to re-unite with Your Leumerian & Telosian Ancestors in the inner hollow earth as a bridge of light between heaven & earth.

Your gold & platinum karmic clearing money angels gift you with crystal geometries to unlock 3D armor so you can find your flow, be of service & live & expand your magical money flows.

To anchor & integrate 5D planetary prosperity, you'll receive a divine dosage of nature intelligence, vitamins & nutrients from your master deva of healing, earth angels & animal allies to support & stabilize your abundant light.

Heal & harmonize your electrical bodies, ascension chakras, nervous systems & energy fields to empower & awaken your soul centers, creativity centers & your root chakras to create the life of your dreams!!!

With your cosmic consent, you will time travel to your most successful soul selves & power pieces that you’ve lost or gave away in childhood, back in the womb or on a distant star so you may feel whole & HOLY in this timeline of accelerated ascension living!

The Arcturian Master Healers & Sirian Star Medical Team Will Help You:
  • Ease your ascension symptoms, lack & limitation
  • Clear Survival & Trauma Timelines From Your Field
  • Repair Damaged DNA
  • Raise your wealth vibration
  • Re-Calibrate your nervous system & electrical light body
  • Re-Adjust your bio-field to hold more light
  • Create more ease, space & flow in your physical body vessel
  • Dissolve Inherited Stress, Struggle & Suffering
  • Clear Karmic Debts & Money Shame
  • Entrain Your Brain To Theta & Delta States Of Well-Being
Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, heal money karma & clear poverty vows with your timeline trauma team, money angels & galactic guardians of the Universe!

On This Galactic Journey, You will experience:
  • Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
  • Emerald Flame Of New Earth Abundance
  • Arcturian & Sirian Wealth Creation Codes
  • Extra Terrestrial & Inner Earth Plant Medicine
  • Magical Forest Bathing For Grounding, Integration & Stabilization
  • A Golden Net To Absorb Shame, Scarcity & Poverty Vows
  • A Platinum Net to remove 3D density, debris & human doubt
  • A Seraphim Salve Healing Balm To Heal & Seal Energy Leaks
Join Your Galactic Ancestors, Star Tribes & Divine Medical Team To Transmute 3D Fear, Lack & Scarcity Into 5D Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity!!!

Magnetize 5D money magic & flow into your birthright of new earth abundance on Golden Gaia!!!!
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