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Vandana Light Healing

Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval & Timeline Integration MP3

Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval & Timeline Integration MP3

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When a trauma occurs, a fragment of your soul slips away and creates an energetic cord keeping you linked to the original trauma timeline.

It's important to change this pattern to invite the lost soul piece back to reintegrate and heal so you may feel feel whole & complete on your highest soul ascension timeline as your own inner shaman, teacher & spirit guide.

When you retrieve & recover your power pieces, you can recapture your childlike innocence, playful true nature & creative energy you gave away or were taken from you so you can create permanent change & love ALL of you again!

This Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Healing Session heals trauma timelines from this life, past lives & parallel lives.

Cosmic Soul Retrieval Medicine re-captures your untapped gifts, restores your trusting true nature & creates inner & outer transformation as a master of your own soul destiny!

You May Be Carrying the Soul Fragments of Others if the trauma causing a soul fragment involved another person & their soul attached to your soul.

In This Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Session, You Will Experience:
  • A Divine Intervention With Your Higher Self, I AM Presence & Oversoul
  • A Joyful Soul Reunion With Your Original Self & True Nature
  • A Timeline Visitation To Take Back To Retrieve Your Original Gifts
  • A Deeper Connection To Your Power Animals, Nature Spirits & Ancestors
  • A Soul Parts Exchange To Return Others Energies & Take Back Your Own
  • A Solar Plexus (Manipura) Activation To Re-Discover Your Spiritual Identity 

Vandana will help you take back what is yours & return what is not!

Your Divine Healing Intervention Team, Totem Animal Allies & Shamanic Guides are ready to heal & seal soul loss & energy leaks so you can live a life of passion & purpose on the 5D new earth!

This Accelerated Light Cosmic Shamanic Soul Healing Session dissolves disempowerment vows & veils of forgetfulness so you can remember who you are & re-write your soul destiny with ease & grace!

Step into the portal of your highest soul divine destiny & 5D divinity now!!!

98 minutes
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