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Vandana Light Healing

Hummingbird Medicine Cleanse

Hummingbird Medicine Cleanse

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During this 2-hour “letting go” trance journey, you will bond with the most sacred & revered Hummingbird Power Animal to help you clear suppressed shame, digest & accept buried feelings, own your personal powers, strengthen your boundaries & clear your Solar Plexus Chakra of absorbed trauma wounding imprints to become a vibrational match to your natural state of Peace, Joy & Sweet Bliss in each & every now moment!

The Lasting Benefits You Will Experience After This Class Are: 

  • Deep rest, relaxation & greater comfort & flexibility in your body
  • Allowing your breath to become your mind & bodies healing anchor 
  • Feeling empowered, worthy & embodying greater self-confidence, 
  • Healthy Self-Esteem, Playfulness & Trusting Your Special Gifts

If You Can No Longer Stomach Another Day Of Boredom, Stuck ness & Knots Of Abdominal Tension Or Indigestion, You Can Choose To Experience The Sacred  Magic, Mystery & Medicine of the Royal, Joyful & Colorful Hummingbird Who Will Know Just What To Do To Feed Your Spiritual Stomach with Fragrant Flowers, Positive Energy & Nourishing Nectar To Make Your Dreams Come True!

Experience what it feels like to travel with your spirit guide to meet your wise & well Grandmothers, Grandfathers & Angelic Ancestors accompanied by the lightness & speed & agility of your new Hummingbird Spirit Guide! 

Join me to receive Hummingbird Solar Plexus Medicine to Activate Your Confidence, Playfulness & Trust Your Gifts To Help You Rest, Relax, Digest & Melt & Heal Your Enteric Digestive Nervous System. 

I Look Forward To Being Your Soul Journey Facilitator On This Inter-Dimensional Journey To Meet Your Spiritual Ancestors, Angels & The Hummingbird Chakra Guardian So You Can Finally & Safely Release “Hucha” Heavy Emotional Energy & Drink In The Hummingbirds Visions Of New Earth Freedom, Liberation & Independence!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 143min

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