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Vandana Light Healing

Holy Halo Healing BUNDLE

Holy Halo Healing BUNDLE

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I'm excited & honored to attune you to the awakened frequency of your Halo or ArcLine's 6th body!

Your halo radiates from the center of your aura & stretches around your forehead, earlobe to earlobe. The Arc Line is symbolized in pictures as a halo surrounding the head. You can see it in almost any famous painting of a saint, angel, or spiritual teacher. It is said that women have an extra arcline that runs from nipple to nipple that assists in bonding with an infant. 

This ArcLine is your required steering wheel that guides your aura with multi-dimensional messages, new perceptions, sensations & intuitive insights that over-light & protect you. 

Although you may not consciously know it, your ArcLine in the center of your aura is associated with your pituitary gland, regulates your nervous system & when in balance can enhance your clairvoyant visions and natural intuition.

The ArcLine is the transmitter that sends signals to your thoughts & feelings to protect your empathic sensitivities, clear karmically inherited programs & align your body & your mind so you can live honestly, authentically & with integrity.

When you align with your inner & outer divine, your halo glows & the shape of your Arch Line is clearly defined.

This class serves to empower you if you grew up in a home where you experienced poor boundaries & as a result tend to doubt your gifts & healing abilities that shrinks your electromagnetic field & won't allow you to rest, digest & feel safe & confident. 

Ancient mystics perceived halos around saints and sages that appeared to resemble silver-white, bluish-white, white, gray, pink, or green. When the ArcLine is cleared, it turns bright blue.

If you've been feeling guarded, triggered, unfocused, moody, and unable to manifest. Your arcline may be weakened but can be strengthened, balanced, awakened & cleansed of toxic karmic imprints with your clear & focused authentic intentions.

A strong and clear Arc Line is energetically important in deflecting symptoms of depression. It’s our projection of our Arc Line that creates our reality. Hence, we can either create ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ on earth depending on the strength of our Arc Line (among many other things). It’s the foundation of the radiance. When we connect with our own joy, happiness, and light, we naturally project that out into the world. If The Arc Line is clear then we repel negativity easily from either our thoughts or external environment.

The strength of your arc line is affected by the integrity & authenticity of the messages you tell yourself and others with the help of our protective energy lines recording, absorbing, processing and sending what we think is purely our own energy that may not belong to us.

This class is designed for energy sensitive empaths to help strengthen your ArcLine, identify your pure soul energy, brighten your halo & ground you in the home of your own body so you can listen to your bodies guidance, manifest with emotional intelligence & be prepared to take inspired action with spiritual discernment.

Come play with me to learn & practice aura sweeping exercises, 3 protection mantras, an aura cleansing mudra & calming karmic clearing practices to resource you when you feel physically or emotionally exhausted especially when the people closest to you no longer seem to have your back leaving you wide open to telepathic attack.

You'll Also Experience Divine Intervention Spirit Surgery from the Galactic Light Etheric Arcturian Acupuncture Physicians to re-set your 3 mental bodies, 6 energy bodies & the overcoat of your physical body to restore your soul spark, creatrix essence, strengthen your boundaries & stop taking on the energies of other beings & bodies.

When your halo, Arcline & Soul says YES, you can restore your energetic glow, beauty & youthful radiance with magical yet practical tools to strengthen, clear, rebuild & repairing it to its strongest and shiniest!!!

I look forward to sitting with you & empowering you to manage your sensitivities, navigate the new earth energies & sustain a high frequency not only in your 6th Body but in all 10 of your bodies to listen to the wisdom of your body.

This Bundle Includes:

2 Class Replays (Holy Halo Healing Transmission I and II)
MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - Playtime more than 5 hours
21 Printable PDF Documents

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