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Vandana Light Healing

Holy Fire Money Karma Cleanse MP3

Holy Fire Money Karma Cleanse MP3

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The Green Ray Infinity Gate Activation

Receive Divine Healing Intervention From The Accelerated Light Wealth Creation Codes!

You Will Be Taken On A Sacred Journey To Attune To The Vibration Of Ease, Grace, Abundance & Prosperity Consciousness From:
  • The Ancient Sequoia Trees At The Infinity Gate Of The Emerald Flame
  • Golden Flame Activation From Ascended Master Vosloo From Atlantis
  • Archangels Of Abundance: Raziel, Gadiel, Pathiel, Barakiel & Gamaliel
  • Liquid Gold Blessings From Goddess Lakshmi, Fortuna & Abundantia
  • Huna Prayers For Abundance By Djwhal Khul
  • Sacred Journey To The Land Of Milk & Honey In Shangri-La
  • Infinity Initiation At The Ancient Temple Of Sakkaras Wishing Well
We will travel to the 144th dimensional reality to the Golden Temples Of Abundance where we will connect with our Higher Self, Beloved I AM Presence, and the golden beings Helios & Vesta from the great central sun to overlight & illuminate our highest path of self-mastery and divine alchemy.

We will state Ascension Prayers, a Huna Prayer for Creating Abundance by Djwhal Khul, a special decree written by Meleriessee & a money mantras from the etheric temples of abundance.

We will then de-ascend those frequencies back down into our physical reality of the 5th dimensional body and ground it into GAIA.

You will also receive RICH Clearings, RACE Creations & REALITY RE-SETS to upgrade your vibration and become a money magician and magical manifestor of your dreams, visions & desires!

You will also meet your future self from your highest timelines in higher dimensions who will entrain you to the vibration of instant manifestation!

118 minutes
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