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Vandana Light Healing

Holy Fire Karma Cleanse MP3

Holy Fire Karma Cleanse MP3

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This sacred gathering is overseen & over lit by the violet ray of purification & transmutation.

It is here to help you burn negative karma stored in the seat of your soul so you can finally align with your I Am Presence & Speak The Language Of Your Highest Soul Calling!

Lie back & receive vibrational support, deep comfort, & energetic upgrades to navigate the accelerated ascension shift with divine ease & divine grace!

This heart healing attunement features Archangel Zadkiel & his twin flame Holy Amethyst to balance & harmonize your divine feminine & divine masculine true nature to align with the divine flow of ever increasing light on our beloved blue planet.

Teleport from your heart merkaba to the violet heart of the Temple of Purification to help you:
  • Detox Density, Debris & Congestion From The Mind & Body Connection
  • Purify Bodies From Chemical Imprinting, Drugs, Parasites & Implants
  • Release Binding Soul Ties, Hooks, Vows & Contracts That No Longer Serve You
  • Cleanse Cellular Memories Of Soul Struggle, Stress & Trauma
  • Transmute Fear, Doubt & Worry Into Pure Light & Unconditional Love
Archangel Zadkiel says, 'Flowing with the great flow of the Holy Spirit, the violet flame frees every particle of misqualified energy that it touches.

Receive The Violet Ray Elixir & Resurrection Flame Medicine To Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul In The Year Of Self-Mastery, Illumination & Transformation!

82 minutes
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