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Vandana Light Healing

Himalayan Healing Retreat - For Energy, Clarity & Vitality

Himalayan Healing Retreat - For Energy, Clarity & Vitality

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Are you ready to release overwhelm, stress & anxiety in the quantum realms of renewal, re-birth & rejuvenation?

If you can't travel in the physical dimensions, you can still travel through crystal caves, ancient ashrams & healing retreats in the inner realms outside of time & space with ease & grace!

Awaken & Activate your crown chakra, higher brain & cosmic consciousness for Advanced Healing in the hidden realms & palace of light.

Visit Charandaram Mountains seasalt caves & crystal healing chambers to detox density, debris & anxiety so you can raise your vibration to align with ascension energy, clarity & vitality on the new earth.

Meet the masters of masters, Lord Himalaya, the manu of the fourth race & the hierach of the Blue Lotus Temple to quiet your mind, open your heart & master the art of telepathy.

Receive a golden snow radiance attunement to ground your energy, restore your siddhis (powers), raise your vibration & embody ascension mastery to re-birth a new earth in unity & community.

When you say YES, you will experience the vibrations & sensations of forest bathing, mineral baths & halotherapy to cleanse your mind, soothe your soul & purify toxic thoughts that block your light & keep you stuck in stress, struggle & suffering.

Visit Master Chananda & Lady Najah to retrieve your powers, live in light & become your own inner master in the land of rishis, yogis & siddhas.

Class Replay - 84 Minutes - MP4

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