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Vandana Light Healing

Higher Self Integration MP3

Higher Self Integration MP3

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I'm excited to announce this healing activation vibrational upgrade to assist you in releasing the past & embodying a greater sense of ease, peace, space & grace in the eternal now!

Lie back, relax & listen to Vandana's loving guidance as she takes you on a sacred journey to your soul healing temple where you can have a quantum conversation with your ancient & eternal soul, your soul councils, & guardian ancestors.

Receive blessings to free you from patterns of unworthiness, self-sabotage, & stagnation so you never have to feel unsafe, unsupported, or unloved. Feel whole & complete upon your return to planet earth as you embody the energies of ease, joy & grace as your natural state of being.

Many of you are sharing that sometimes it feels like you're taking 2 steps forward & 1 step backwards.

That's totally ok & you can never go back to the old ways of being here even if you tried. You are making spiritual progress even if it feels like you're not.

Come play with me in the quantum field of pleasure & magical possibilities & reset your entire reality!

This sacred gathering will vibrationally support you & allow you to feel safe, empowered, & connected to source so you can follow your soul whispers & take inspired action at accelerated speed without having to wait for years or lifetimes for miracles to show up for you as if by MAGIC!

If you've been feeling unsettled & uncomfortable living in these times of great uncertainty during this great shift of consciousness on planet earth, get this mp3 for support!

Creating a rewarding life doesn't have to feel hard or take a long time to manifest when you're aligned with the truth & remembrance of who you & why you've come here.

Each time you receive these vibrational upgrades, it supports your spiritual evolution to help you rise above chaos & tribal consciousness & embody a higher vibrational essence to see all of life around you from a higher, vaster, & broader perspective.

43 minutes
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