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Vandana Light Healing



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Have you ever felt the pain of heart break? Maybe you numb, stuff or bypass your feelings by keeping busy and denying your heart needs healing. This class is designed to help you unlock your heart chakra blocks, cords & attachments so you can love yourself with undying compassion. 

If you’re ready to fill the void of emptiness, loneliness & self-rejection, I invite you to take an intimate journey inside your own hearts healing pharmacy and discover your own blend of healing medicine lies deep within your heart of compassion. 

 Experience powerful clearings to dissolve heart walls, melt stuck energy & give your inner child permission to feel everything you need to feel to overcome lifetimes of pain, depression & self-rejection and enjoy the bliss of being over-lit by Quan Yinn’s compassion and 5D celestial cardiologists, Arcturian Surgeons & the miraculous physician Dr Lorphan. 
This Heart Chakra Cord Cleanse Will Help You To: 

 ✔ Melt heart cords, shields & walls that numb & freeze your feelings 
 ✔ Re-write self-sabotage contracts & never feeling good enough 
 ✔ Re-claim your hearts emotional intelligence & embody self-confidence 
 ✔ Feel safe being open, vulnerable & wake up feeling peaceful & joyful 
 ✔ Reparent your inner child & become your own nurturing caregiver 
 ✔ Be Over-Lit by Cosmic Quan Yinn, Dr Lorphan & Galactic Light Surgeons 
 ✔ Release trapped emotions and remove painful heart attachments 
 ✔ Receive Emerald Heart Chakra Therapy with Archangel Raphael 
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